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FEATURED ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Miss ORSM? Or maybe need a second look at the great innovations from the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market held July 26-29 in Salt Lake City? Review the best. Read More.
vestINDUSTRIAL FABRICS The 'Super Fibers' story: High Performance Liquid Crystal Aromatic Polyester (LPC) Fiber. From Kevlar™ to Vectran™ drill down to the history, advantages and the innovative application of the liquid crystal polymers have been spun into fibers and into the future of industrial fabrics. Read More.
Future FabricsMEDICAL“Health in hands,” is one of the catch phrases that illustrate a new focus in health care today. Proactive health care by monitoring and managing health issues continues to gain broader acceptance. Textiles of many kinds enhance health care products and contribute to the next phase of improvements." Read More.
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Step change: How 3D printing is benefitting foot orthotics 3D printing is just beginning to take hold in the world of medicine, the technology will dramatically change how orthotics are prescribed and produced. Read more…

Designer Uses Sustainable 3D Printing, Blurring the Lines Between Fashion and Art Thanks to innovative 3D printing technology, it’s not uncommon to see unique pieces of fashion that are so intricate and complex they almost belong in a museum. Read more…

Fashion firms focus on social media Speed of reaction to social media trends is becoming more important in the battle between fast fashion and more established High Street retailers. Read more…

Athleisure is still driving clothing sales This holiday shopping season, expect to see even more “athleisure” on the racks, and from more brands that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with that category. Read more…

Downlite Introduces Sustainovation Program – Innovative Down Fills Rooted in Sustainability (12/7/17)

Teijin Aramid Introduces Endumax Shield XF33 (11/14/17)

Unifi Recycles 10 Billionth Bottle; Announces Goal to Recycle 20 Billion by 2020, 30 Billion by 2022 (11/14/17)

Teijin Aramid Introduces Light Weight Ballistic Fabric for Body Armor (11/9/17)

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