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Inaugural Functional Fabric Fair-Portland 
Draws Rave Reviews By Kathlyn Swantko TTNA'19: Medical Non-wovens - Indepensable Versatility Advances in Fabrics for Hazardous Environments Outdoor Markets - Looking Back to Move Forward ORSM '19 - Sustainability Trends - Reducing Water Usage & Waste Athleisurewear - Performance and Sustainability Insulations - Eco-Friendly with improved Performance

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Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Take a look at some of the great innovations from the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, June 18 - 20 in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.

2018 SurveyeTextilesCommunications - Leaders in the Textile & Apparel Industry supply chain look back at 2017 and share generally optimistic expectations for 2018.

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BiosyntheticsTextile Exchange - Launches new micro site ( to demystify biosynthetics. In the future our clothes could be made from sugars, biomass and plant oils.

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BiosyntheticsTHE CUTTING EDGE - Innovative Fabric Developments for a New Outdoor Consumer- Driven by the 80 million Millennial consumers, along with the younger Gen-Z generation, born in the mid-90s and expected to reach 84.7 million by 2020, today's primary shopper groups have a See now—wear now buying attitude.

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BiosyntheticsWhat's New in Comfort Activewear? A Lot! - Comfort remains one of the most important qualities for today's consumers. Feeling comfortable can also make the wearer feel more confident and lead to better performance.

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Could the “Nike of China” Wreak Havoc on Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour? Could Anta's growth eventually throttle the growth of Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour in China? Let's take a closer look at its origins and expansion plans. Read more…

Inside the Intricate Silkscreening Process at Tillett Textiles Watch a video showing the silk screen printing process at Tillet Textiles. All of the brand's patterns are printed by hand. Read more…

New test methods are needed for medical textiles The industry needs test methods that bridge the gap between the basic test methods currently available and arduous and expensive clinical trials. Read more…

TORAY PRODUCES FIRST POROUS CARBON FIBRE Toray Industries has produced the world’s first porous carbon fibre with a nanosized continuous pore structure. Read more…

The Microfibre Consortium launches first global microfibre shedding test method for textile industry The Microfibre Consortium (TMC) has announced details of a microfibre shedding test method that has now been released to its members. Read more…

KARL MAYER PRESENTS SMART SHIRT AT IDTECHEX SHOW The sensor monitoring technology in the smart shirt is incorporated directly into the made-to-measure textile during production, using the warp knitting machine’s string bar technology. Read more…

HeiQ announces next generation of HeiQ Fresh and HeiQ XReflex product families (1/22/20)

“Circularity is in our DNA”: Sympatex's activities revolve around closing the textile loop (1/21/20)

Winners of second annual Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards unveiled on show’s second night (1/21/20)

Unifi Introduces New Fiber Solutions at 2020 Outdoor + Snow Show (1/20/20)

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