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APPAREL TRENDS ORSM'19: Athleisurewear - Performance and Sustainability by Kathlyn Swantko

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Led by new apparel brands like RYU Apparel (“Respect Your Universe”), there remains broad acceptability of athletic wear being worn for mainstream apparel. Manufacturers in this segment are focusing on a new generation of apparel that caters to both the fashion and athletic markets through their athleisure lines, while also providing an eco and social responsibility appeal for the consumer.

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Sustainability Trends - Reducing Water Usage & Waste - The sustainable circular economy, referred to as "circularity", is gaining monmentum, driven by evolving consumer attitudes & buying habits. The FabricLink Network looks at several ORSM'19 exhibitors undertaking key sustainable practices in textile production,

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APPARE ARTICLE Innovation at ORSS2020 TRENDS: Take a look at some of the new innovations from the 2020 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market + Snow Show, January 29 - 31, in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.
vest Textile Exchange - Launches new micro site ( to demystify biosynthetics. In the future our clothes could be made from sugars, biomass and plant oils.
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WhatsnextAPPAREL Purdue researcher wants to use body heat to charge your wearables. Thermoelectric semiconductor strings woven into fabric or other surfaces that generate heat and convert that energy into electrical power. Read More.

The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2020 These boots are made for hunting, and that’s just what they’ll do. That is, once you determine which boot best fits your needs. Read more…

Gamification to Boost More Sustainable Consumption Through New App The Wear Me 30 Times app will enable consumers who wear specific garments multiple times to be rewarded by fashion brands. Read more…

Techtextil and Texprocess 2021 will be a hybrid event The Techtextil and Texprocess shows will be held together May 4-7, 2021, in Frankfurt am Main, and Heimtextil will be held concurrently with the two trade shows for the first time. Read more…

Swany and Polygiene takes personal safety essentials to a new level with a ViralOff® series The idea is to give people a range of products that are close to mouth, hands, nose and eyes - and to make them essentially self-cleaning when it comes to viruses. Read more…

Hoodie is made from pomegranate peels and completely biodegrades Compostable apparel will continue to be a focus at Vollebak. Read more…

The Future of Vegan Leather Is Plant-Based, and It’s Made from Cactus, Pineapples, and Mushrooms While innovation has been slow, there are more sustainable options being developed for leather around the world, which are becoming available to consumers. Read more…

Nature-Inspired Colors In High Demand for Apparel and Home Textiles Nature-inspired colors are proving to be a respite to the chaotic and digitally charged lifestyles consumers are experiencing. Read more…

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