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APPAREL TRENDS 2018: What's New in Comfort Activewear? A Lot! by Kathlyn Swantko

Gore Infinium

Comfort remains one of the most important qualities for today's consumers. Feeling comfortable can also make the wearer feel more confident and lead to better performance. For apparel design, one primary objective is the selection of functional fabrics that provide the best possible comfort level. The FabricLink Network reviews several new textile developments presented at the Outdoor Retailer+Snow Show 2018, that offer ideal solutions for wearable comfort in apparel, no matter what the weather condition.

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APPARE ARTICLE Innovation at ORSSTRENDS Visiting ORSS? Or maybe need a second look at the great innovations from the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show January 25-28 in Denver? Checkout the best in Innovation watch. Read More.

Textile Exchange - Launches new micro site ( to demystify biosynthetics. In the future our clothes could be made from sugars, biomass and plant oils.

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WhatsnextAPPAREL Purdue researcher wants to use body heat to charge your wearables. Thermoelectric semiconductor strings woven into fabric or other surfaces that generate heat and convert that energy into electrical power. Read More.

DuPont increasing Tyvek Production DuPont, along with its customers, continue to develop new Tyvek products and applications to meet evolving marketplace needs. Read more…

API, ICM collaborate in sustainable technical fabrics The joint development facilitates the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance and environmentally sustainable textile solutions for the fashion and footwear industries. Read more…

Insects supply chitin as a raw material for the textile industry The Fraunhofer Institute is researching use of side streams from animal feed manufacturing for the production of chitosan to be used as a sizing agent in the processing of yarns. Read more…

Let it rain! New coatings make natural fabrics waterproof MIT has come up with a coating that not only adds water-repellency to natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, but is also more effective than the existing coatings and is breathable. Read more…

Hello, Recommerce: The North Face Launches Used Clothing Line The North Face, looking to increase its environmental cred in the outdoor adventure category, is testing the North Face Renewed, a collection of refurbished clothing. Read more…

Breakthrough elastic fibre could give robots human-like nerves An incredible breakthrough in the field of electronics could not only revolutionize smart clothes, but pave the way for more human-like robots. Read more…

Soaking up the water and the sweat – a new super desiccant for shoes and more The new super dessicant, made from graphene oxide, significantly outperforms current drying agents, and is twice as absorbent as the industry standard, silica gel. Read more…

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