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APPAREL TRENDS 2017: Athleisure Flexible, Wearable & Environmentally Focused at ORWM'17 by Kathlyn Swantko

AvalancheJacketFlexibility and wear-ability were strong apparel trends evident at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017. Millennial thinking is clearly at the heart of this athleisure focus, as manufacturers continue to look to engage this generation, and entice them with apparel that suits their all-encompassing, transitional fashion and lifestyle needs.

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APPAREL ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Miss ORWM? Or maybe need a second look at the great innovations from the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market held January 10-12 in Salt Lake City? Review the best. Read More.
vestAPPAREL Getting Physical: The Other Smart Textiles. Nonelectronic fabrics can cool, warm aand clean themselves-and enhance the health and perforance. Much attention has been given to textiles that are integrated with electronic sensors and circuitry (e-textiles). Read More.
Future FabricsMEDICAL Futuristic Fabrics: Today's smart fabric products, with embedded or woven technological components, are resonating with consumers, and the market is responding. Woven, nonwoven and knitted textiles are the foundation of the fabrics that make up our daily existence, from the clothes we wear to the upholstered chairs we sit on. Read More.
Sanford University Engineers developed a plastic fabric that cools the skin The new material works by allowing the body to discharge heat in two ways that would make the wearer feel nearly 4 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than if they wore cotton clothing. Read more…

Ionic liquid melts old clothes so they can be spun into new ones Aim is to reduce environmental pollution with recycling strategies for cotton and polyester-based waste textiles. Read more…

The Economics Of Environmentalism Environmentalism can strengthen and support business. A prominent example is Patagonia, and the very way the products are made and the business is run. Read more…

Purdue researcher wants to use body heat to charge your wearables Thermoelectric semiconductor strings woven into fabric or other surfaces that generate heat and convert that energy into electrical power. Read more…

New clothing care label wants you to stop overwashing The Care Label Project will add a label to thousands of clothes in hopes that people will adopt laundry habits that are better for both fabric and the Earth. Read more…

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