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APPAREL TRENDS ORSM'18: The Fabric Construction Makes a Difference by Kathlyn Swantko


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When considering the properties of a fabric that are appropriate for applications in the outdoor market, there are certain aspects that designers consider–breathability, weight, durability, drape, softness, water-repellency, thermo-regulation, etc. However, there is a more basic aspect to think about. That is the fabric construction, and how a specific fabric construction impacts the garment functionality and performance. Most fabric constructions fall into 3 categories: woven, knitted, and nonwoven. Laminate and composite constructions are also popular in the outdoor market. While fibers and yarns obviously affect the properties, appearance, and wearability of the fabric, the fabric construction also influences the properties, appearance, and feel of the fabric.

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MORE FROM ORSM'18: From performance apparel and shoes to sleeping bags and backpacks, sustainability is demanded by consumers in the outdoor market. Sustainability is now as important as functional performance. The more sustainable the product, the better. Read the full article.

APPARE ARTICLE Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Take a look at some of the great innovations from the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market July 23-26 in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.
vest Textile Exchange - Launches new micro site ( to demystify biosynthetics. In the future our clothes could be made from sugars, biomass and plant oils.
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WhatsnextAPPAREL Purdue researcher wants to use body heat to charge your wearables. Thermoelectric semiconductor strings woven into fabric or other surfaces that generate heat and convert that energy into electrical power. Read More.

TECHTEXTIL INVITES LECTURE TOPICS FOR TECHTEXTIL FORUM Techtextil has invited applications for lecture topics for its Techtextil forum to be held from May 14-19, 2019, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Interested candidates can submit their topics by November 7, 2018. Read more…

Bolger and O’Hearn products on ZDHC list Several of the chemistries developed by Bolger and O’Hearn Specialty Chemicals are now listed on the official ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) list of sustainable, approved textile industry chemistries. Read more…

HEROES and collaborators Behind every effective PPE are materials designed for specific and critical purposes. Read more…

OEKO-TEX LABELS FOR PROVING ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE The guiding principles of Oeko-Tex are based on transparency, traceability, credibility and trust. All can all be independently and credibly verified with the help of the various produc Read more…

3D Printing For Footwear and Podiatry Since most of your waking hours is spent on your feet, it only makes sense that you should invest in quality footwear to improve your quality of life. Read more…

E- textiles control home appliances with the swipe of a finger Researchers have developed a new type of e-textile that is self-powered, highly sensitive and washable. Read more…

SCHOELLER TEXTIL COMPLETES 150 YEARS What began as Switzerland’s first worsted yarn spinning mill in 1868 has achieved recognition for its highly-technical textiles and dedication to sustainability. Read more…

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