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Innovative Fabric Developments for a New Outdoor Consumer by Kathlyn Swantko

Navis Stenter

"Driven by the 80 million Millennial consumers, along with the younger Gen-Z generation, born in the mid-90s and expected to reach 84.7 million by 2020, today's primary shopper groups have a See now—wear now buying attitude. They prefer to purchase clothing that no one else is wearing," states Matt Powell, VP/ senior industry analyst for the NPD Group. Since uniqueness is very important to Millennials and Gen-Zers, the larger brands find themselves conceding some of their dominance to smaller businesses with creative designers who have the ability to quickly capture new trends.

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Schoeller ECONYLCUTTING EDGE - Sustainability is a driving issue in the outdoor market. There is a need to find a balance between developing innovative technical textiles and the demand for sustainability. Millennials aand Gen-Z's want to hear a "green" production story before making buying decisions. Read More.
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McLaren Senna in US uses Nanobionic Technology in Car Seats The seats stimulate local blood flow, and increase energy, comfort and overall feeling of wellness for the driver and passengers. Nanobionic coating is applied to athletic apparel, bedding products, everyday apparel, footwear and military apparel. Read more…

Siren unveils new diabetic sock and foot monitoring system Siren Diabetic Socks continuously monitor foot temperature to detect signs of inflammation, the precursor to diabetic foot ulcers. Read more…

Let it rain! New coatings make natural fabrics waterproof MIT has come up with a coating that not only adds water-repellency to natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, but is also more effective than the existing coatings and is breathable. Read more…

Loepfe's Falcon-i yarn control solution in high demand In quality sensitive applications even smallest knots, fluff, filamentation, thick places, and capillary breaks have to be eliminated before being interwoven into the fabric. Read more…

3D Printed Ballet Shoes Offer Dancers Support and Protection From Injury A 3D printed a ballet shoe called P-rouette uses a lightweight lattice structure for the sole as well as the insole.The shoes offer extra support, protecting against the kinds of injuries that are common to ballet dancers. Read more…

Gore shows high-performance solutions at Farnborough Air Show Proven in the real world, Gore’s high-performance solutions for aerospace and defense applications ensure connection, protection, and safety in the most demanding environments. Read more…

Kraig Biocraft unveils first roll of dragon silk fabric Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, leading developer of spider silk based fibres, has produced its first roll of pure dragon silk fabric and will now use it in ballistic shoot packs, per the US Army specifications. Read more…

EPFL team develops super-elastic fibres The fibers can detect even the slightest pressure and strain and can withstand deformation of close to 500 percent, which make them perfect for applications in smart clothing and prostheses, and for creating artificial nerves for robots. Read more…

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