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LA Textile Show, 2019: Home Decor Fabric Trends are Center Stage by Kathlyn Swantko

Noveltex FabricsThe Los Angeles International Textile Show for spring/summer 2019, which ran March 5 - 7th, celebrated its 25th Anniversary by showcasing a variety of fabrics, including interesting applications for the home fashions market. The FabricLink Network highlights several of the important home dècor color and fabric trends, and reviews some of the companies exhibiting fabrics for home dècor, upholstery and window applications.

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HOME FURNISHING ARTICLES Innovation at ORSSTRENDS Visiting ORSS? Or maybe need a second look at the great innovations from the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show January 25-28 in Denver? Checkout the best in Innovation watch. Read More.
Forest of ColorHOME FURNISHINGS A forest in fabric: he Sunbrella Canopy was created using thousands of interlocking embroidery hoops tied together and fitted with the fabric. The exhibit invited visitors to walk through and immerse themselves in a world of color, sounds and senses. Read More.
Future FabricsHOME FURNISHINGS AATCC conference examines new textile developments. It was the largest gathering in ten years with 280 attendees. This year’s conference featured a number of innovations spanning dye chemistry, sustainable dye colors, use of nanotechnology in building advanced products using nanocellulose, and designing fashion and activewear garments. Read More.
USTER TO SHOW EVS FABRIC INSPECTION SYSTEMS AT TECHTEXTIL The system’s ability to capture any visible fabric faults – with a proven and consistently high rate of defect detection – and its optimized fabric grading makes accurate automatic quality control an integral part of manufacturing. Read more…

SINIAT LAUNCHES SECURTEX ATTACK-RESISTANT PLASTERBOARD Siniat Securtex plasterboard has a laid high-tensile glass scrim from Chomarat, combined with a dense gypsum core, to dissipate the force across the whole area of the board, providing impact resistance to both deliberate and accidental damage. Read more…

Decay as part of design Decay by design is integral to design by decay. “Water is used to initiate the disintegration of the panels as well as initiate the growth of microbial cultures on the panels,” the MIT abstract says. Read more…

ESG partners with Thai Acrylic Fibre to develop a new generation of solution dyed acrylic yarns Outdoor applications including awnings, outdoor-furniture, carpets and marine exterior etc. These yarns are Oekotex and REACH certified. Read more…

Polartec and Kraig to bring Spider Silk fabrics to market Initially developed for specialized military applications, these materials made from recombinant spider silk will eventually service the global market for high performance textiles and apparel. Read more…

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