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The Super Fiber Story

productsThe first "super fiber" was aromatic polyamide (aramid), e.g. Kevlar™, developed by DuPont in the 1960's and commercialized in the early '70's. The success of aramid fibers led to a great deal of research at other polymer and fiber producers, and the result was a series of high performance (high modulus, high strength) fiber introductions in the 1980's and 1990's. These fibers included gel-spun high modulus polyethylene (HMPE), super-aramids and aramid copolymers, and melt-spun liquid crystal aromatic polyester (LCP).

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DroneINDUSTRIAL FABRICS Drones weave moth-inspired pavilion from carbon fiber threads. The buildings of the future could be built with the help of drones. The unmanned aerial vehicles were put to the test in the University of Stuttgart's latest robotically constructed pavilion. Read More.
vestINDUSTRIAL FABRICS The 'Super Fibers' story: High Performance Liquid Crystal Aromatic Polyester (LPC) Fiber. From Kevlar™ to Vectran™ drill down to the history, advantages and the innovative application of the liquid crystal polymers have been spun into fibers and into the future of industrial fabrics. Read More.
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MICHELMAN UNVEILS NEW UNYTE SURFACE MODIFIERS Michelman has unveiled its new family of water based Unyte surface modifiers formulated specifically for manufacturers of technical textiles and pre-preg fabrics, including binders for carbon, glass, aramid, basalt, UHMWPE, natural, and other polymeric fibres Read more…

Spider Silk Could Be Used to Make Artificial Muscles Spider Silk may be turned into artificial muscles or robotic actuators, thanks to a team of MIT engineers. Read more…

Partnership to curb the impact of microfibers in the environment Sympatex Technologies says that experts believe that a viable future for the global apparel industry lies in a closed loop, in which raw materials in textiles are separated, recycled and re-used for new products. Read more…

BFI TO LAUNCH PET-CORE-BICO FIBRES FOR HYGIENE APPLICATIONS Beaulieu Fibres International (BFI), leading European polyolefin fibre supplier, will present polyolefin carded nonwovens for personal care and hygiene, geotextiles, automotive, floorcoverings and filtration applications at this year’s Idea19 Miami March 25 - 28. Read more…

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