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Innovative Textile Products Transforming the Textile Industry

heartpatchMedical textiles: what’s next?

“Health in hands,” is one of the catch phrases that illustrate a new focus in health care today. Proactive health care by monitoring and managing health issues continues to gain broader acceptance, particularly in developed and developing economies. Textiles of many kinds enhance health care products and contribute to the next phase of improvements."

From IFAI's Advanced Textiles Source magazine.

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MEDICAL ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Take a look at some of the great innovations from the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market July 23-26 in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.
vestMEDICAL FABRICS Sustainable biomedical textiles for the future. Textiles are especially suitable for use on and in the human body. The body itself consists of many fibers too, including muscle, tendon and nerve fibers. Textiles can also be used to make copies of entire organs or parts of them. Read More.

vestMEDICAL FABRICS Weaving biological tissues. In developing the fabric, the biomedical engineers looked to the adaptive properties of plant and animal tissues. The long-term goal is to weave biological tissues that are like human body parts that reflect the biology, architecture and mechanical properties of the periosteum to replace failing joints. Read More.
PPSS GROUP'S CUT RESISTANT FABRIC FINDS MORE USES Cut-Tex PRO has been effectively used in slash resistant clothing for law enforcement, security, and prisons and corrections personnel, as well as bite resistant clothing for healthcare professionals. Read more…

NANJING UNIVERSITY TEAM MAKES FIBRES FOR SMART FABRICS Scientists from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications have devised a simple, scalable and low-cost capillary-driven self-assembly method to prepare silver nanowires coated flexible and stretchable conductive fibres that have applications in wearable electronics and smart fabrics. Read more…

UMASS AMHERST TEAM MAKES BATTERY FOR GARMENTS Their new method uses a micro-supercapacitor and combines vapour-coated conductive threads with a polymer film, plus a special sewing technique to create a flexible mesh of aligned electrodes on a textile backing. Read more…

ANALYSWIFT LAUNCHES ACADEMIC PARTNER PROGRAM AnalySwift, a provider of efficient high-fidelity modeling software for composites and other advanced materials, has launched its Academic Partner Program that offers universities no-cost licenses for academic research. Read more…

Flexible TPE body protection introduced by Hexaflex The design uses a thermoplastic elastomer compound and is intended to provide flexibility, lightweight and full articulation characteristics for shock- and vibration-absorbing applications for sportswear, personal protection equipment, health care and other industries. Read more…

Touring Flowbuilt, the First Custom Shoe Factory It’s part of a bigger push toward individualization, in footwear and beyond, enabled by technology and spurred by consumer preference and retailers’ efforts to respond to the shift to online shopping. Read more…

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