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Glen Raven Technical Fabrics
Glen Raven Technical Fabrics: Innovative Thinking. Technical Fabrics. Real World Solutions.

Glen Raven Technical Fabrics is one of three operating divisions within Glen Raven, Inc. Starting from a small cotton mill in 1880, Glen Raven has established itself as an industry leader, offering marketing-oriented solutions within the markets we serve. With over 100 years of experience, Glen Raven has expanded its reach to numerous growing market segments, exceeding the pre-existing quality standards in each.


Our automotive fabrics are sought out by automotive design studios worldwide and are most recognizable in headliners, visors, pillars and package trays.

Learn more about GRTF Automotive solutions


GRTF offers a variety of fabrics designed to make the mining industry more efficient and safe such as MineMaster® for ventilation and pumpable cribs.

Learn more about GRTF Energy solutions


GRTF recognized the world’s increasing demand for clean water and designed fabrics used as permeate carriers. We work collaboratively with filter-system manufacturers to design more efficient filter systems.

Learn more about GRTF Filtration solutions


Glen Raven Logistics provides freight solutions for a variety of shipping needs. Our focus on asset based Volume LTL and expedited services as well as full third party, non-asset based transportation solutions allows us to bring value to a wide array of industries.

Learn more about GRTF Logistics solutions


GRTF is honored to supply the durable and high-performing fabrics the modern warfighter expects and deserves. Working in close collaboration with our customers, military development engineers and program managers, we engineer a broad range of military-grade fabrics.

Learn more about GRTF Military solutions


GRTF is the largest supplier of fabric used for flags and banners and sailcloth in the US. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to meet the high standards of quality and performance demanded in the outdoor market.

Learn more about GRTF Outdoor solutions


GRTF is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance fabrics, including the GlenGuard family of products. We work closely with our customers to consistently deliver innovations in FR fabric design and product quality. The GlenGuard® family includes: GlenGuard FR®, GlenGuard® Hi-Vis, and GlenGuard® Hi-Vis Anti-stat. Each fabric incorporates inherent FR properties and innovative technology, setting it apart from competitors.

Learn more about GRTF Protective solutions



Geosynthetics Strata Systems
Strata Systems, inc., a subsidy of GRTF, leads the industry in geogrid materials. Strata’s geogrid materials are well-suited for use in commercial site development, highway construction, landslide repairs, and other industrial applications. Our products are distributed globally and have been used in numerous projects around the world. Strata continuously works with the engineering design community to provide advice and tailor technical design to support product application. All Strata products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and compliance with published specifications. Our comprehensive testing program is further supported by complete final product and raw material certification. Internationally, we comply with ISO 9001 and CE Mark.

Learn more about GRTF Geosynthetics Strata Systems solutions


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