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MFI International - Flexible Manufacturing Services
MFI International - Flexible Manufacturing Services

MFI International

MFI International

MFI International

Sourcing in Mexico remains a competitive low-cost alternative in the sewn products manufacturing industry. Since 1982, MFI International has been a leading provider of cost-efficient and flexible manufacturing services in Mexico. MFI, located strategically on the U.S./Mexico border at Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, Texas, guarantees timely access to customers and suppliers.

MFI International offers flexible nearshore production in Mexico, with a large concentration on cut & sew manufacturing services. MFI’s manufacturing utilizes two divisions in Mexico: Contract Manufacturing and Hybrid Manufacturing Program. Contract Manufacturing Service advances turnkey programs for moderate to high volume projects for many industries. The Hybrid Manufacturing Program offers low-cost, low-risk solutions to enable quick production. MFI assists international corporations in staying competitive by leveraging the economics of scale into the manufacturing sector.

Benefits of Nearshoring – Companies currently manufacturing in Asia, and interested in moving their production back to the Western Hemisphere should consider the following:

  • Indirect costs associated with traveling and product quality inspections
  • The advantage of have inventory quickly brought to market
  • The cash flow management advantages manufacturing in Mexico
  • The scalability of their current and prospective manufacturing partners
  • Greater flexibility and reliability – Recent reports show that retailers prefer Mexican manufacturing because of control, discipline, and planning issues

Benefits of Using MFI International

  • High Quality Products with Increased Customer Satisfaction
    • ISO 9001: 2008
    • Six Sigma
    • Established 33-year Manufacturing Business Mode
  • Quick and Responsive Turnaround with 1- to 6-week Lead Times
    • Established Lines and Materials In-house
    • Production in Mexico / Juarez /
    • Production in USA / El Paso
    • Mature and State-of-the-Art Logistics
  • Low Costs – Delivers High Value through Its Low Cost Structure of its Mexican-based operations
    • Competitive Skilled Labor Costs
    • MFI Resources Invested in Space and Equipment
    • Transportation and Volume Sourcing
    • Cash Flow Management Advantages
  • Improved Focus
    • Save Time–Let MFI Handle the Details
      • Sites / Facilities
      • Equipment
      • Startup
      • Materials
      • Manufacturing and Design Support
  • Reduced Risks – Increased Stability and Predictability
    • With Turnkey Contract Manufacturing, your product costs are fixed in US dollars
    • With the Hybrid Manufacturing Program, MFI takes the associated risks
      • MFI handles the inventory, pick-and-pack, and shipping to final destination
      • MFI takes responsibility for safety and compliance
  • Increased Flexibility – MFI leverages its scalable resources and infrastructure
  • Scalability through availability of space, people and capital
  • You have a choice of 2 operating models:
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Hybrid Manufacturing Program
  • Broad Scope of Flexible Services
    • MFI can accommodate changes in space requirement leases (i.e. location, size, and penalties)
    • If needed, MFI can also manufacture in the US

MFI International Produces Products
for a Variety of Industries

  • Medical
  • Automotive / Transportation
  • Performance Apparel
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Specialty Apparel / Safety & Protective Products

MFI International Logo

MFI International MFG., LLC. 9570 Pan American Dr. El Paso, TX 79927 • Phone (915) 858-0971

Marketing & Sales: Paola Ramos, Director of Marketing

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