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Coolcore - fabric innovations
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What Is Coolcore?
Coolcore is a material innovation company and the world-leader in checmical-free cooling technology. Coolcore’s mission is to work with top tier consumer brands to develop products that keep people cool, and comfortable throughout their day, without the use of chemicals or additives. Everybody can benefit from being cool with Coolcore®—whether active, working, or sleeping.

Coolcore Technology

What Is The Coolcore Technology?
Coolcore’s chemical-free fabric innovations provide a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture-management fabrics or cooling technologies that rely on chemicals, xylitol, polymers, or minerals like jade, finishes, phase change technologies, polymer crystal treatments, or other additives. The result is the ONLY innovation to receive the "Innovative Technology" award for "Cooling Power" from the world renown Hohenstein Institute. And, because it is chemical-free, Coolcore’s cooling benefits never wash out or degrade over time.

How Does Coolcore Work?
The patented, chemical-free Coolcore materials deliver three distinct functions:
   • Wicking
   • Moisture circulation
   • Regulated evaporation
The technology goes far beyond traditional moisture-management textiles by reducing surface fabric temperature up to 30%. Rather than a simple wicking yarn that moves moisture from point A to point B, the Coolcore fabric innovation moves moisture throughout the garment, to enhance drying and kickoff regulated evaporation, by reducing surface temperature up to 30%, lower than skin temperature when moisture is present.

What Are the Benefits of Coolcore?

  • Cooler – Coolcore provides a cooler surface temperature. Coolcore fabrics have been demonstrated to drop temperatures to a cool 13oC – 18o C, or 55oF – 65oF.
  • Drier – Coolcore provides non-clinging, non-saturating, and quick-wicking qualities.
  • Healthier – Coolcore is non-chemical, hypoallergenic, and has a UPF of 45 and higher.
  • Long-lasting – Coolcore’s cooling effects lasts the life of the product.
  • Better - The only company globally to receive the "Innovative Technology" award for "cooling power" from the world renown Hohenstein Institute.
  • Coolcore Technology
    Swatches of Coolcore
    Limitless Possibilities
    Coolcore has established partnerships to develop fabrics for consumer brands throughout the world.
  • Coolcore’s extensive line of fabrics is designed to suit a wide range of needs and end-uses. The fabrics are perfect for:
    • Lifestyle/outdoor/athletic apparel
    • Workwear
    • Sportswear
    • Headwear
    • Uniforms
    • Innerwear
    • Sleepwear
    • Footwear
    • Home goods/bedding
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Pet products
    • Other applications.
  • As long as the primary fiber is synthetic, the Coolcore fabric innovation can be incorporated. Coolcore fabric innovations can be created in a variety of constructions and styles:
    • Knits
    • Wovens
    • Stretch Fabrics
    • A wide variety of weights /blends
    • Endless prints / patterns
  • Coolcore collaborates with partner companies to make sure that Coolcore clients tell the tech story to their respective audiences in the best possible way through:
    • Technical assets
    • Merchandising tools
    • Marketing collateral

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