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SDL Atlas
SDL Atlas, Textile Testing Solutions

For over 60 years, the SDL Atlas companies have been providing confidence in standard based testing through expertise and global partnering. Our customers can be assured that they are making informed decisions based on accurate test results.

SDL Atlas experts work closely with standards committees and retailers on development of standards. Our engineers develop instruments to meet these standards. Our service team calibrates the instruments to exacting UKAS and internal standards. High quality consumables that are consistent from batch to batch are also produced and distributed by SDL Atlas.

SDL Atlas offers a full line of laboratory testing instruments, equipment and consumables, backed by the support of a cross-disciplined service team including:

  • Textile Technologists
  • Hardware and Software Engineers
  • Mechanical and Instrumentation Engineers
  • Calibration Experts and Installation
  • Maintenance Technicians.
    SDL Atlas Moister Management Tester

MMT® (Moisture Management Tester)
Performance apparel, or garments that transport moisture away from the skin to the garment’s outer surface, represents one of the fastest growing sectors of the international textile and apparel industry. While performance fabrics require the typical tests of other fabrics, they also require an extra level of specialized testing to insure their engineered properties. The SDL Atlas MMT® (Moisture Management Tester) is the only instrument on the market that can precisely calculate the liquid management properties of performance and technical fabrics, ensuring the comfort and protection that consumers demand.

Advantages of the MMT®

  • Measures, evaluates, and classifies liquid management properties of fabrics, based on AATCC Test Method 195 and GB 21655.2
  • Evaluates absorption properties by measuring changes in electrical conductivity of a fabric sample
  • One 2-minute test gives a comprehensive profile of a fabric’s performance.

What Specific Fabric Qualities Does the MMT® Identify?

  • Overall Moisture Management Capability
  • Accumulative One-Way Transport Capability
  • Wetting Time for top and bottom surfaces
  • Maximum Wetted Radius for top and bottom surfaces
  • Spreading Speed for top and bottom surfaces What Types of Performance Fabrics Can the MMT® Identify?
  • Waterproof Fabric
  • Water-repellent fabric
  • Slow-absorbing and slow-drying fabric
  • Fast-absorbing and quick-drying fabric
  • Water-penetrating fabric
  • Moisture-management fabric
    SDL Atlas Fabric Touch Tester

FTT® (Fabric Touch Tester)
Comfort is a highly subjective perception, and the way a fabric feels is described as “fabric hand”. Clothing covers and interacts with most parts of a wearer’s body 24 hours a day. Since the skin is sensitive to pressure, friction, and heat transfer, it is important to characterize the tactile sensory properties of textile materials during wear.

  • Provides strong correlation with human subjective touch sensations.
  • Measures and distinguishes fabric touch comfort properties.
  • Permits quality control and research & development laboratories the ability to measure and predict the comfort perception of fabrics.
    • For product designs
    • For processing control
    • For finished consumer products
  • Excellent tool for communicating and relating comfort requirements among designers, the supply chain, and retailers.

What Specific Objective Fabric Quality Assessments Does the SDL Atlas FTT®Identify?

  • Fabric Thickness
  • Fabric Compression
  • Fabric Bending
  • Fabric Surface Roughness
  • Fabric Surface Frictions
  • Fabric Thermal Properties
  • Coolcore Technology

SDL Atlas, the Single Source for Testing Solutions

Other Textile Testing Products & Services Offered by SDL Atlas:

Fabrics and Consumables Consumables are a critical part of many textile tests. SDL Atlas produces and distributes a complete line of consumables. Each batch is thoroughly tested to ensure conformity and consistency from batch to batch. Our consumables offerings inlude:

  • Multifiber
  • Cork Liners
  • Abradents
  • Phenolic Yellowing
  • Detergents
  • Ballasts
  • Crocking Fabric

Calibration & Service
With UKAS accredited technicians located in Europe, Asia, and North America, we are prepared to support our customers in maintaining their investment and their confidence in their test instruments. SDL Atlas calibration certificates are accepted by all accreditors. SDL Atlas offers:

  • UKAS calibration
  • ISO calibration
  • Service support
  • Factory trained representatives
  • SDL Atlas service technicians
  • Crocking Fabric

SDL Atlas Textile Testing Solutions

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Marketing: Melissa Nypaver
Lab Consultation: Martin Jansen

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