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BodyCare® by Eclat Textiles
Body Care Anti-Bacterial BODY CARE® Anti-Bacterial fabrics (AB100) - These fabrics utilize AEGIS Microbe Shield® , a highly effective natural anti-microbial agent that restrains microbes from breeding, and is both ecologically and environmentally friendly.
Body Care Performance Dri BODY CARE® fabrics with Quick Dry function (Quick Dry — QD100) keeps the body dry and comfortable. These fabrics absorb moisture and perspiration from the skin and transport it quickly through the fabric for fast evaporation.
Bodycare Performance UV BODY CARE® UV-Cut fabrics (UV100) block and absorb 99.9% of UV-Rays to protect the skin. These fabrics are the equivalent of SPF-50 (sun-protection factor).
Body Care Performance Multi BODY CARE® for Multi-Functional fabrics (Multi-Function — AB100) stress fast evaporation of moisture away from the skin. These fabrics contain long-lasting anti-bacterial qualities and block and absorb UV-rays to protect the skin.

BODY CARE® Fabrics Are Stocked in Basic Colors:

Bluebell PMS-283U

Light Pink PMS-706U

Sunshine PMS-602U

Bubblegum PMS-204U

Iris PMS-2665U

Light Turquoise PMS-311U

Navy PMS-296U

Royal PMS-286U

Columbia Blue PMS-292U

Platinum PMS-7545U

Carbon PMS-433U

Tan PMS-463U

Maroon PMS-1955u

Forest PMS-5535C

Violet PMS-2685U

Red PMS-200C

Gold PMS-124C

Orange PMS-173C

Light Blue PMS-283U

Violet PMS-2665U

End-Uses for BODY CARE® Knit Fabrics

  • recycledIntimate Apparel
  • Casual Sportswear
  • Performance Activewear
  • Underwear


  • RECYCLED POLYESTER – Eclat Textile Co. Ltd. offers high-quality polyester fabrics made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. These fabrics can be blended with other fibers, like organic cotton, Lycra®, etc. These fabrics are durable, soft, shrink-resistant, colorfast, and easy-care.
  • LENZING MODAL®/TENCEL® - Fibers used for these fabrics are made from the pulp of beech wood and eucalyptus trees. Cellulosic fabrics are soft, drapeable, and renewable.
  • POLYPROPYLENE FABRIC – Functional fabrics that possess natural water repellence, are lightweight, with good thermal retention.
  • bambooBAMBOO BLENDED FABRIC – Made from refined, bleached, and processed, bamboo pulp, which is extruded into a fiber. Eclat’s bamboo fabrics are lustrous, extremely soft, absorbent, breathable, take dyes well, and are biodegradable.
  • BAMBOO CHARCOAL FABRIC - Nano-scale bamboo charcoal powder is added to other materials during the spinning process, creating fabrics that are absorbent, with moisture management and anti-bacterial protection effective for 50 washings.
  • COCONUT CHARCOAL FABRIC – Eclat uses coconut shells from food industry waste. The activated microspore coconut charcoal, infused into the fiber, creates fabrics that absorb sweat, eliminate odors, and dry fast.
  • Natural Organic CottonORGANIC COTTON - Eclat's organic cotton fiber and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are certified. Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.
  • PLA FABRIC/Sorona® – Using fibers made from lactic acid (fermented sugars) found in plants, PLA Fabrics are sustainable fabrics from a renewable resource.
  • SEAWEED/SEACELL® - A renewable cellulosic fiber derived from seaweed. These fabric are breathable, stimulating, comfortable.
  • GERMAINIUM ALLOY FABRIC – These fabrics are antistatic, deodorizing, relieve tiredness/fatigue, increase comfort, increase blood circulation, and reduce pain.
  • MOSQUITO REPELLENT FABRIC – EPA registered finishing treatment binds permethrin to the fibers that provides odorless insect protection effective for multiple washings.
  • SILVER-BASED POLYESTER/X-STATIC®: Antimicrobial fabric that helps to prevent odors.
  • NEGATIVE ION FABRIC: Yarns contain varied types of ceramics that radiate far-infrared rays and negative ions to improve health, energy and mood.
  • AloeALOE VERA BODY CARE® FABRIC - Micro-beads and binders are built into the fabrics that work with the body's natural movements to release aloe vera onto the wearer's skin.
  • X-POLE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Advanced performance with comfort and function for cold weather wear. X-Pole fabrics include: Ultra Dry Series, X-Pole Wind Stop Series, X-Pole Anti-Static Series, and X-Pole Snagging Resistance Series.

BODY CARE® stocked in basic colors from Eclat Textile Co., Ltd.



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ECLAT TEXTILE COMPANY LTD. - Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Eclat is a vertical producer of circular knit fabrics for a variety of apparel markets. The company produces all types of knitted fabrics, including single knit jersey, interlock, rib knit, jacquard, terry knit, fleece, etc. 

Eclat Textile Company capabilities:

  • Yarn-dyeing
  • Circular Knitting
  • Piece Dyeing
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Packages

The Eclat Philosophy: Establishing global integration and management for the best customer service, Eclat incorporates innovation in the development of all its fabrics to become a leading producer of stretch knit fabrics.

Eclat Textile Company, Ltd.
(U.S. Office and Warehouse)
Eclat Textile Co., Ltd.
250 North Puente Avenue
City of Industry, California 91746

Tel: (800) 541-9042
Fax: (626) 330-7125

Eclat Textile Co. Ltd.
No 28, Wu-Chuan Rd.
Wu Ku Ind. Park
Taipei, Taiwan

Tel: 886-2-2299-6000
Fax: 886-2-2299-5485 or 2299-6012

Eclat Textile Company, Ltd.
(Los Angeles Showroom)
110 E. 9th Street, Suite #B701
Los Angeles, CA 90079

Tel: 213-624-2633
Fax: 213-624-2507

VP/National Sales Manager: Charlie Tsai
Global Sales/Marketing Fabric Full - Package: Stefan Novak

Sales VP/Production VP: Irene Gosal

Sales Representative: Biviana Uribe
Sales Representative: Jay Wetherald
Sales Representative: Ann Davis

For further information, visit the Eclat website:

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