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Cordura Brand Fabric from Invista
Cordura Brand Fabric from Invista

Over the past 50 years, INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand has pursued continuous advancements that have helped shape the world of military, workwear and outdoor/lifestyle products. To celebrate these five durable decades, CORDURA® brand will announce new fiber and fabric innovations, exciting end-use applications and on-trend collaborations throughout 2017.

Photo courtesy of Woolrich®
As part of 50 amazing things to celebrate our 50 years, we are honoring our durable heritage by continuing to pioneer the latest innovative fabrics:
  • Cone Denim
    Photo courtesy Cone Denim
    Cone Demin - Cone Denim and CORDURA® brand teamed up to create vintage-inspired classic selvage denim with a modern twist. Produced in the legendary White Oak facility, CORDURA® Selvage Denim is created on American Draper X3 Fly-Shuttle looms through a collaborative development process.
  • Wool-Dura™– Taking inspiration from their ‘90s hunting collaboration, CORDURA® brand and Woolrich® brought back classic Wool-Dura™, a specialty blend of iconic Woolrich® wool and nylon 6,6 CORDURA® fabric originally used for hunting apparel and now styled for today’s active outdoor living.
  • Cordura
  • ISPO TEXTRENDS - This year, CORDURA® brand won “best product” award at ISPO TEXTRENDS, honored for its CORDURA® 4EVER™ knit by Yoonia, Korea in the base layer category. On top of that, CORDURA® fabrics fabrics won 50 awards – the most awards won to-date by CORDURA® brand in this global trend platform for sport and outdoor performance textiles.
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    Where to Buy CORDURA® fabrics?
    Interested in purchasing CORDURA® fabric? There are a variety of authorized sources to choose from across the globe. Be sure to check out our online fabric showcase here, or contact us directly to learn more at

    For more information, please contact:
    INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand Marketing & Sales Dept. or


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