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Sympatex Technologies
Dupont Teflon fabric protector makes fabrics look newer longer without impacting look, feel, color or breathability

The Sympatex® brand dates back to 1986 when the company brought its first textile products into the market. Known as an 'ingredient brand' Sympatex® provides environmentally friendly, breathable, wind- and waterproof membrane systems and layer laminates.

Today the company works with big-name manufacturers in the clothing, footwear, accessories and protective workwear segments. By incorporating such consumer requirements as climate control, thermal insulation, protection from cooling, UV absorption and humidity management into its products, Sympatex has established a broad base of satisfied customers and acquired a number of top awards.

Environmentally Friendly Production Standards – Sympatex is constantly expanding its commitment to sustainable and ecological procedures. As a long term Bluesign® system partner, the Sympatex production process meets the most stringent environmental protection, health and production safety guidelines in the world. Sympatex is also a founding member of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 testing and certification system, and therefore satisfies wide-ranging quality requirements for safe textile products.

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  • 100% recyclable laminates for apparel, footwear and C&W
  • Bluesign® approved laminate portfolio for apparel
  • Bluesign® approved tapes
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification of all laminates
  • 100% recyclable laminates
  • 100% recyclable shells/backings
  • Fluorocarbon-free treatments

DWR (durable water repellent) - All Sympatex products maintain high standards in environmental protection.

  • General Facts – A DWR treatment is an extremely thin coating on each fiber, which ensures that the textile has durable water-repellent properties. The treatment prevents or delays the ingress of water into the outer material.
    • All DWR performance technologies can be divided into two groups:
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      • DWRs which contain fluorocarbons (PFCs)
      • Fluorocarbon-free (C0) DWRs
    • DWR Treatment results:
      • Garment does not absorb water
      • Garment does not gain weight
      • The body doesn’t feel clammy
      • Garment breathability is retained
  • Sympatex® Fluorocarbon-free Water-repellent Impregnations - To meet functionality and care requirements for outdoor clothing, the outer materials generally have a water-repellent treatment (impregnation) on the outside and a membrane on the inside. Since 2008, Sympatex, along with its partner Rudolf Chemie, a specialist in bionic textile finishing, has been supplying Fluorocarbon-free Treatment with BIONIC FINISH ECO®, an environmentally friendly fluorocarbon-free
  • DWR treatment for textiles.
    • Benefits of Florocarbon-free Treatment on Apparel:
      • Comparatively high water-repellent effect similar
        to that of products which contain FCs
      • No weight increase in the garment
      • Excellent wearer comfort
      • Superb breathability
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  • PTFE-free Hydrophilic Sympatex® Membrane is made of an environmentally safe compound containing polyether/ester.
    • Benefits of the Sympatex® Membrane:
      • Contains no fluorine compounds
      • Breathable
      • 100% wind- and waterproof
      • Kind to the skin
      • Fully recyclable like the PET bottle
Phasable Construction

Phaseable® by Sympatex Technologies – This new 3D apparel technology is a 2.5-layer laminate with a three-dimensional half-layer on the inside, which only touches the skin punctually in the form of foam dots. The benefits of Phaseable® include:

  • Smart climate control through dynamic heat insulation
  • As durable as a 3-layer laminate
  • As lightweight as a 2-layer laminate
  • High wearer comfort
  • 100% waterproof (20.000 mm)
  • Optimal breathability (RET ≤ 8-highly breathable)
  • 100% windproof
  • 100% solvent free, ecological coating process
  • Functionality with individual, fashionable designs
  • Reduced carbon footprint through 100% EU production

Contact information:

Derek Spingler, Business Development Mgr.

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