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Safety & Protective: Outdoor Products Showcased at ORSM'16

Gore-TexAn emphasis on health and safety issues has become an important focus for textiles targeted towards the outdoor market. Safety and protective textiles have now moved across markets, as consumer needs have broadened into environmental awareness, personal safety, comfort, and performance features, such as providing protection from extreme environmental conditions.

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SAFETY & PROTECTIVE ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Miss ORWM? Or maybe need a second look at the great innovations from the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market held January 10-12 in Salt Lake City? Review the best. Read More.
vest SAFETY & PROTECTIVES Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water. The promising graphene oxide sieve could be highly efficient at filtering salts, and will now be tested against existing desalination membrane. It has previously been difficult to manufacture graphene based barriers on an industrial scale.Read More.
GlovesSafety & Protective Embedded LED lights help these gloves keep motorcyclists safer. The gloves can be activated by the twist of a wrist or by the wearer touching his or her thumb and forefinger together, alerting other motorists of the intention to turn. Read More.
Research embeds textiles in 3D printing for functional, flexible parts The team 3D prints designs directly onto fabric and, in some cases, embeds fabric in between two layers of 3D printed plastic. Read more…

Hohenstein introduces new medical textiles centre The Hohenstein Health Centre will be developing and supporting medical expertise on textile products affecting human health, that are already in the market and those due to be launched. Read more…

New Innovations at TechTextil trade show, Frankfurt, Germany A number of these innovations were showcased, reflecting the growing interest in multifunctional, e-textile and environmentally friendly solutions. Read more…

Concept III Announces New Partnership With Bolger & O’Hearn This partnership will serve as the catalyst in bringing Bolger & O’Hearn’s latest innovative chemical products to market. Read more…

Boundary launches ultimate modular backpack The Prima pack is the first product of Boundary, a company that is dedicated to creating technically innovative and sustainable products. Read more…

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