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Techtextil NA'18: Advancements in PPE Fabrics By Kathlyn Swantko

GKyorene GlovesFrom insulated baselayers and flame-resistant fabrics for uniforms to high-visibility garments, new Safety & Protective textile products were evident throughout the Techtextil North America 2018 trade show floor. Current trends in PPE continue to move toward a complete outerwear system in a single lightweight layer that combines fire- and chemical-resistance with windproof, waterproof/breathable properties. Manufacturers are also incorporating comfort, using fabrics with softness and stretch.Read the full article.

SAFETY & PROTECTIVE ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Take a look at some of the great innovations from the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market July 23-26 in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.
vest SAFETY & PROTECTIVES Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water. The promising graphene oxide sieve could be highly efficient at filtering salts, and will now be tested against existing desalination membrane. It has previously been difficult to manufacture graphene based barriers on an industrial scale.Read More.
GlovesSafety & Protective Embedded LED lights help these gloves keep motorcyclists safer. The gloves can be activated by the twist of a wrist or by the wearer touching his or her thumb and forefinger together, alerting other motorists of the intention to turn. Read More.
Molecular insights into spider silk It is possible to manufacture artificial spider silk of similar properties as the prototype, but the molecular-level structural details responsible for material properties were not understood. Current research has delivered new insights. Read more…

ECHELON MATERIALS UNVEILED CAMPAIGN TO FUND TITEK Funding is planned for the production of their proprietary loom required to produce TiTek, the world's first and only patented, lightweight, flexible fabric designed to shred high-powered conical/rifle rounds and be comfortably worn or carried all day. Read more…

HEROES and collaborators Behind every effective PPE are materials designed for specific and critical purposes. Read more…

DURASHINE STEALS THE SHOW AT PATTAYA BOAT SHOW The new fabrics will be used for applications like awnings, outdoor furniture, marine fabrics etc and are manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions, intense UV rays from the sun, heavy wind, uninterrupted rain. Read more…

ISPO MUNICH TO HOST 'ALTOGETHER TO MUNICH' IN FEB 2019 ISPO Munich is organizing a retail program ‘Altogether to Munich’ from February 3–6, 2019, to support sports retailers, which is optimized to further underscore the nature of ISPO Munich as a trading platform. Read more…

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