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Innovative Textile Products Transforming the Textile Industry

Connie Huffa, co-founder of Fabdesigns, conducting a seminar on Yarns 101
Connie Huffa, co-founder of Fabdesigns, conducting a seminar on Yarns 101

A new platform for product development has been born with the rise of Fabdesign's innovative advanced 3D knitting. The company's innovative work platform provides a new way of thinking and a novel guide for technical knit product design, fabric, fit, and sustainable manufacturing. The pioneers of this ground-breaking system are Bruce and Connie Huffa, the husband and wife co-owners of Fabdesigns, Inc.

An Advanced 3D Knit Summit was held in October, in celebration of Fabdesigns' newly completed R&D Knitting Lab, located in the picturesque Barn on the grounds of the beautiful Calamigos Ranch and Conference Center in Malibu, California. The event, hosted by Connie and Bruce, reached out to yarn companies, extruders, spinners, textile educators, domestic and international mills, and other industry professionals, to learn and participate in the company's exciting grand opening. The focused audience consisted of senior management, product designers, textile technologists, engineers, and educators, which included major brands and decision makers from the medical, military, automotive, and wearable tech industries.

Bruce Huffa, co-owner of Fabdesigns, conducting a Stoll seminar at the 3D Summit
Bruce Huffa, co-owner of Fabdesigns, conducting a Stoll seminar at the 3D Summit

"We provide the 'sandbox' where many large companies and inventors can play confidentially," explains Connie. "Our R&D studio is a place where these innovators can test their projects before patenting, before investing in full-blown factories, or before contacting perspective manufacturing partners."

Confidential Collaboration
The mission of Fabdesigns is to create world class advanced engineering constructions in a confidential environment. The company's modern innovative textile manufacturing technique uses precisely engineered yarns and fabric variations, placing the materials in areas where they are needed to create fashionable body mapped and seamless products that produce minimal waste. The company offers a secure, client-centered, and private prototype development that focuses on building infrastructures for successfully scaling up and commercializing advanced 3-dimensional technical knitted textile products.

Sjoseph emme
Joseph Emme, the Vedanta Institute of Malibu,
conducting a seminar on social responsibility
in manufacturing.

Fabdesigns works side-by-side with its clients, and blends design aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, performance yarns, and hybrids of Euro-American inspired sophistication. The company uses state-of-the-art Stoll knitting equipment, advanced textile knowledge, and premium quality materials to drive the next generation of knitted innovations. Bruce Huffa has collaborated on pioneering 42 patents involving knitted shoes, aerospace, and sports products.

"We collaborate with our clients, addressing their most pressing initiatives, tailoring solutions for their proprietary development, and combining a smooth transfer of knowledge," notes Connie Huffa. "We advise on strategic, flexible planning for cost-effective production with a sustainable impact."

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