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Draper Knitting
Viscont FR - comfort in flame retardant
Draper Knitting is a 6th generation family owned & operated organization based in Canton, Massachusetts, where it was incorporated in 1856. Draper attributes its continued success to its ability to balance the traditional values of a family business with the forward thinking design and development services for all their customers big and small.

As a vertical mill, Draper offers all the typical commission services including: non-woven stitch bonding, blending, carding, knitting, stock dye, piece dye, coating, heat setting, napping, padding, inspection and roll up. Draper maintains over 40 knitting machines, knitting an unlimited amount of fabric design options, and offering CAD services, dyeing, and extensive finishing capabilities. The company specializes in knitted high pile fabrics, jerseys, napped fleece, interlock, rib, terry cloth and nonwovens for fashion, performance, industrial and safety applications

Softshell Apparel Contruction
Follow this video link to meet Kristin Draper and hear more about Draper Knitting and it’s six generations of textiles.

Draper Knitting Custom Fabric Design:

    With over 50 years of design experience, Draper helps to bring design ideas to life.
  • Using its expertise, along with customer ideas, Draper creates fabrics with aesthetic or performance qualities, designing fabrics to meet its clients’ needs and specifications.
  • Using CAD (computer-aided design), Draper can convert JPEGs into custom designed high pile jacquard fabrics.

the wool bar

Introducing The Wool Bar by Draper Knitting:

New In-Stock Wool Program — The collection of 100% Merino American wool and wool blends that responds to the demands of small independent designers, and includes a range of conventional knits in a variety of weights and constructions for endless design possibilities.

  • the wool bar
    Conventional Knits/Constructions
    • Base-layer fabrics
    • Mid-layer jerseys
    • 1X1 ribs
    • Interlocks
    • French terries
    • High pile knits (1/4” to ¾”)
  • Performance Qualities
    • Insulation
    • Fire-resistance
    • Flexibility/drapeability
    • Cooling
    • Sustainability
  • Short Runs Available
    • 100-yard Minimums
    • 500-yard minimums
  • Fabric Weights
    • Knit styles are made with 19.5 micron American sourced wool
    • High pile styles are 21.5 micron wool face with a REPREVE® recycled polyester back
  • Draper offers on-site dye house and full finishing capabilities
    • A dyed palette of colors is available

Draper Knitting Production Capabilities:

  • High Pile Sliver Knitting for a variety of products including but not limited to:
    • Outerwear & Insulation fabrics
    • Air filtration Fabrics
    • Paint Roller and Buffing pad fabrics
  • Conventional Circular Knitting for a variety of products including but not limited to:
    • Base Layers
    • Glove Liners
    • Boot Linings
  • Nonwoven Stitch-bonded Fabrics for personal protection including but not limited to:
    • Shoe/Boot Liners
    • Glove Liners
    • Jacket Liners
  • Other commission services:
    • Blending/Picking - Whether blending bales of the same fiber, or doing an intimate blend of different fibers in smaller percentages for the ultimate performance quality, Draper has both sample and large production capabilities.
    • Carding – Draper maintains STX card machines for carding both coarse and fine fibers
    • Fabric Napping Laminated Pile Fabic Laminated Pile Fabic
    • Cut & Sew / Project Management – For customers looking for “whole packages”, Draper can produce the fabric, coordinate lamination, cut-and-sew, and packaging, depending on customer needs.
    • Dyeing – Draper maintains both sample kettles and production kettles, allowing color matching or developing colors for both start-up programs and those that grow into large production orders.
      • Piece-dye capabilities
      • Stock-dye capabilities
    • Lab Testing - Although not a certified testing lab, Draper provides ASTM and AATCC tests on fabrics, based on customers’ requests. Draper can "pre-test" fabrics, so customers are assured that a fabric will pass a certified lab test.
    • Napping – Draper can create a range of surface characteristics in circular knit fabrics (both tubular and open width) and sliver knit fabrics. Draper offers commission napping on both knit and woven goods.
    • Padding/Finishings/Coatings
      • Anti-microbial
      • Anti-pilling
      • Coating applications in various weights, depending on end-use or specifications
      • DWR
      • FR finishing
      • Heat-setting
    • Shearing - Draper can shear many different fibers from wool and polyester to cut-resistant blends containing Nomex®, Kevlar® or Celliant®. Equipped with three complete shear lines, Draper can shear anything, from high-pile paint rollers and buffing pads to very low-pile applications.
    • Shipping – Draper can ship large and small, international or domestic shipments for any size customer anywhere in the world. Shipping includes final inspection, slitting, roll up and shipping. Draper can accommodate different sizes cores, slit various width options, work with multiple rolls, and monitor/record bow and skew of jacquard patterns at roll up.

Draper Knitting Staff

Celebrating 160 years in 2016

Draper Knitting
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