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Cordura Brand Fabric from Invista
CORDURA® Fabric: Designed for Living, Built to Last

CORDURA® fabric technologies have helped shape the world of military, workwear and outdoor/lifestyle products for more than 50 years. Durable, versatile, on-trend and innovative CORDURA® fabrics are available from a global network of authorised mills.

The CORDURA® brand’s newly revamped website is designed to better connect you with the qualified textile manufacturers. Supply chain partners and prospective customers can now source CORDURA® fabrics easier than ever before, empowering you to push the limits of durability.

Fabric Technology Explorer
The journey starts here. The CORDURA® Fabric Technology Explorer is designed to promote both inspiration and education. Explore the possibilities. Integrate head-to-toe CORDURA® fabric looks into your offerings. Whether users are seeking lightweight, stretchy CORDURA® fabrics or tough, rugged solutions, the explorer tools can aid in finding a durable solution.

Authorized Mill Locator
To become an INVISTA authorized mill, supply chain partners are required to follow a development and testing programme to help ensure fabrics meet CORDURA® brand quality expectations. The CORDURA® Mill Locator connects you to our trusted mill partners who are dedicated to innovating and engineering some of the most durable fabrics available today.

Fabrics for Specific Applications also offers focus market segment pages with technical fabric information curated to help educate designers of military/tactical equipment, workwear, footwear, bags/packs, motorcycle gear, and active/outdoor apparel about relevant CORDURA® fabric options by end-use.


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Explore some of the latest innovative CORDURA® fabric technologies for gear and apparel.

Cordura TrueLock Fabric
CORDURA® TrueLock™ fabric


Cordura 500D fabricCORDURA® 500D fabric Cordura Denim
Cordura Nyco FabricCORDURA® NYCO® fabric

CORDURA and the CORDURA logo are trademarks of INVISTA.

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