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Gehring-Tricot Corp.
Gerhring-Tricot Corp. Tweave, LLC

Gehring-Tricot Corporation is a leading US manufacturer of warp knits, circular knits, and stretch woven fabrics. Now entering its fourth generation, this veteran-owned, diverse, vertically integrated operation maintains manufacturing facilities in New York and Massachusetts.

As the world continues to change, fabric technologies become more intricate and demanding. Since 1946, this family-owned company has evolved with the times, and continues to provide custom engineered textile solutions for a variety of industries. Its reputation is built on innovation, precision manufacturing, quality control, hands-on technical assistance, and customer service. Over the years, this privately held company has enhanced its capabilities, establishing it as an industry leader in providing a unique vision for producing cutting-edge knit and woven fabrics.

Gehring-Tricot Products

  • Warp Knit Fabrics (filament and spun fibers)
    • Construction Categories
      • D3™ Spacer Fabrics
      • Mesh & Nettings
      • Rigid Knits
      • Stretch Knits
      • Suede (Stretch & Stable)
      • Unbroken Loop (UBL)
      • Embossed.
    • Performance Qualities
      • Flame Resistant
      • High Visibility
      • Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD)
      • Military (including MIL-SPEC)
      • Antimicrobial
      • Wicking
      • Water Repellent

  • Circular Knit Fabrics
    • Construction Categories
      • D3™ Spacer Fabrics
      • Rigid Knits
      • Stretch Knits
      • Suede (stretch & stable)
      • Embossed
      • Tubular (including body size)
      • Jacquard
      • Open Width
      • Jersey & Interlock
    • Performance Qualities
      • Flame Resistant
      • Military (including MIL-SPEC)
      • Antimicrobial
      • Wicking
      • Water Repellent
  • Stretch Woven Fabrics – Tweave Division
    • Product Lines: Trademark brands available in a range of weights and containing up to 50% spandex, available at low minimums.
      • Durastretch® - A range of stretch wovens manufactured to stringent technical specifications
      • Duratech® - A line of high tenacity stretch wovens, some incorporating Cordura® yarns
      • Durasense™ - A quality line of stretch wovens perfect for more fashion/price-driven applications.
    • Targeted End-use Applications:
      • Activewear
      • Outerwear
      • Military / Tactical Applications
      • Shapewear
      • Sportswear
      • Industrial Applications
Tweave- Military Application

Gehring-Tricot Capabilities

  • Research & Development– The cornerstone of Gehring-Tricot Corporation for nearly 70 years.
    • Generational knowledge with long-term employee base
    • Industry crossover opportunities
    • Acquisition of circular knit and stretch woven equipment and expertise
    • Wide variety of filament and spun yarns using over 250 yarn variations
      • Nylon
      • Polyester
      • Spandex
      • Performance yarns – aramids, glass, carbon, rayon, silk, wool, and many more
      • "Think-tank" mentality of manufacturing team
      • Extensive partnerships with key customers
      • Knitting and weaving under one umbrella ensures no bias as to what products work best for an application

  • Dyeing & Finishing Capabilities
    • Experience with custom and traditional warp and circular knits, wovens, nonwovens, naturals and synthetics in a wide range of weights and constructions
    • Dyeing Equipment – Computerized beam, jet, and beck dyeing equipment in various sizes and capacities
    • Dry finishing with nappers, shears, and sueders
    • Tenter frames up to 185" wide
    • Preparation of lab dips and custom finishes
  • Testing Capabilities
    • Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D4966 Martindale)
    • Air Permeability (ASTM D737)
    • Burst Strength (ASTM D3786 Mullens & D3787 Scott)
    • Cold Water Bleed (AATCC 107)
    • Colorfastness to Crocking (AATCC 8)
    • Colorfastness to Laundering (AATCC 61)
    • Colorfastness to Perspiration (AATCC 15)
    • Construction (ASTM D3887)
    • Elongation/Recovery (ASTM D4964)
    • Flammability (NFPA 701)
    • Light Fastness (AATCC 16E)
    • Random Tumble Pilling (ASTM D3512)
    • Shade Tolerance (AATCC Evaluation Procedure 1)
    • Shrinkage (AATCC 135)
    • Sublimation (AATCC 117)
    • Tensile Strength (ASTM D5034 Grab Method)
    • Water Repellency (AATCC 22)
    • Weight (ASTM D3776 Option C)
    • Width (ASTM D3774 Option C)

  • Commission Services – Available on an "a-la-carte" basis
    • Warp Knitting
    • Dyeing – Jet and Beam
    • Tentering
    • Dry Finishing
    • Inspection
    • Warehousing
zwick testing final inspection yarn spools

Gehring-Tricot Equipment

  • Tricot Machinery
  • Raschel Machinery
  • Double-Needle Bar Raschel Spacer Machines
  • Fine Gauge Knitting Machines
    • 42 gauge double knit machines
    • 28gauge electronic jacquard

Industries Serviced by Gehring-Tricot Corporation:

  • Apparel
  • Sports
  • Safety & Protective
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Home Furnishings / Upholstery
helicopter athletic military

Gehring-Tricot Logo

For more information visit the Gehring-Tricot Corp website:

or contact Gehring-Tricot Corp Sales

Gehring-Tricot Corp. 1225 Franklin Ave. Suite 300, Garden City, NY 11530
Phone: 516.747.4555

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