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Polygiene | Odor Control Technology
Polygiene - Wear More. Wash Less
  POLYGIENE® Technology
POLYGIENE, an industry-leading Stays Fresh technology, is an innovative ingredient that adds value to branded apparel, footwear, and gear. Market studies have shown that consumers would choose apparel that features POLYGIENE over apparel without it. The treatment, embedded into the textile for permanent performance and easy care, makes it last the life of the product.
  • Garments – Even during the most intense activities, POLYGIENE-treated apparel gives you fresh – all-day confidence.
  • Protective Gear – Protective gear like helmets and armor with POLYGIENE prolongs the life of the gear and keeps it fresh.
  • Gloves – POLYGIENE treated gloves stay fresh and are easy to care for.
  • Footwear – POLYGIENE-treated socks and footwear stop stinky feet in their tracks, allowing you to stay fresh, comfortable, and in pursuit of your passions.

POLYGIENE: Good for the Planet – Good for the Consumer – Good for the Brand

What is POLYGIENE Technology?

  • POLYGIENE is an odor-control technology based on silver salt (silver chloride) produced from recycled silver.
  • The silver salt (AgCl, silver chloride) in POLYGIENE inhibits and guards against the growth of odors from microbes such as bacteria, fungus and mildew.
  • Silver chloride is naturally present in water and soil.

How Does POLYGIENE Work?

  • POLYGIENE particles have a large amount of silver ions per surface area. Due to the structure of the particles, very small amounts of silver are required for effective treatment.
  • POLYGIENE is co-applied with other treatments to the fabric during the finishing stage. (This helps minimize the impact on the environment, because additional steps are not required.)


Polygiene illustrationWhat Are the Performance Benefits of POLYGIENE?
  • POLYGIENE technology makes apparel stay fresh by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
  • POLYGIENE treatment helps to prolong the lifetime of performance clothing, since these products don't need to be washed as often.
  • POLYGIENE technology is permanent and effective for the lifetime of the product.
  • A climate-smart approach: POLYGIENE treatment has a lower impact on the environment.
    • Wear More. Wash Less® - POLYGIENE treated garments can be used several times before washing, and can be washed at lower temperatures, saving time, energy, water and money.
    • Fibers live longer, and treated products are not discarded permanently due to odor.
    • POLYGIENE-treated garments can be recycled.
    • POLYGIENE is bluesign® approved.

What are the Additional Benefits of POLYGIENE?

  • POLYGIENE has its heritage in the healthcare sector, and has undergone extensive skin sensitivity testing.
  • POLYGIENE does not interfere with bacteria naturally found on the skin, even when used for long periods of time.
  • Tests show that there is no identified risk from dermal and oral contact with silver treatments.
  • POLYGIENE is not nano-silver.

What are the Environmental Benefits of POLYGIENE?

POLYGIENE works actively to educate retailers and consumers about the impact that we all have on the environment through the clothing and laundry choices we make. Wear More. Wash Less®, recycle and reuse!


The best way to reduce a garment’s environmental footprint is wear it more and wash it less. POLYGIENE makes this possible!




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