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Fabric Trademark and Brand Name Index

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James Thompson & Co. Fabrics - The woven fabrics manufactured by James Thompson include duck cloth, flannel, muslin, twill, burlap, tickings, wide cotton, buckram, and bull denim, etc. These fabrics are sold only to the trade (i.e. manufacturers, distributors and retailers). James Thompson's fabrics are available to consumers through major fabric chain stores, regional chain stores, and independent fabric and quilt stores. Fabric sample cards are available for qualified businesses only.
  Jason Mills Fabrics - With a focus on industrial fabrics, specialty textiles, apparel, and home furnishings Jason Mills product line includes an extensive collection of stock styles. Technical materials such as spacer, fire resistant and UV resistant textiles are the most recent addition to our line. The company also researches and develops fabrics to meet specific needs. In addition to its manufactured mesh line, Jason Mills distributes custom cut sports-netting for baseball, golf, and lacrosse. The knit construction of its fabrics are warp knitted, which can be subdivided into two knitting styles: tricot and raschel. In its raschel operation, Jason utilizes industrial yarns ranging in deniers of 70 through 1000, and uses primarily nylon, polyester, and recycled yarns.
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