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Technology/Finish Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Halley Stevensons Waxed Cotton - Halley Stevensons supplies an extensive range of competitively priced, stock supported ranges for its customers who are looking for an iconic waxed cotton fabric. Although fashions have changed throughout the years, waxed cotton fabric has remained an important trend. The company's product range is full of possibilities. Halley Stevensons has a range of base waxed cotton fabrics, from flyweight to heavyweight – and even pure silk. The company also has a range of finishes, allowing designers to choose the texture, appearance and performance they need. Halley Stevensons goes beyond to produce the required color/shade and finish of waxed cotton fabric that meets its customers' challenging specifications.
  Heatsheets® - This super light, super warm, heat-reflective blanket, manufactured by Advanced Flexible Materials Inc., is made from metalized low density polyethylene (LDPE), and is 1 millimeter thick (or 0.001 inch). The reflective layer in Heatsheets® blankets reflect up to 97% of body’s radiant heat right back to the user, creating an envelope of warm air. Heatsheets are recyclable, and can be printed. Heatsheets® are made and printed in California, where state law (AB 455) prohibits the use of heavy metals in inks or materials. Most of the inks used are water based (as opposed to solvents), minimizing air pollution.
  Hydroflex® - Hydroflex® is a polyurethane-based coating from Consoltex that creates a durable, waterproof, breathable, wind-resistant finish for nylon or polyester. Important end-uses include jackets and outerwear.
  Hygro™ - Moisture-responsive fabrics produced through the use of the Hygro™ process. In this research, the reversible dimensional changes of hygroscopic yarns are utilized to develop responsive fabric structures which widen or narrow their openings depending on moisture content. The process is also used to make terry toweling fabric. In this process, the pile yarn is woven with cotton weft and warp yarns to produce terry fabrics. The fabric is then washed in warm water to dissolve the PVA fibers. By dissolving the PVA fibers, a hollow air space is produced throughout the pile yarn, corresponding to an increase in the air space in the pile yarn. By increasing the air space in the pile yarn, the resulting towels are softer and bulkier than standard cotton towels.
  HYGY™ - This group of patented single layer fabrics, produced by King Tech Industries, have multiple functions including super- strength, light weight, breathable, water-repellant, water- resistant, temperature tolerant, color fastness, anti-abrasion, anti-germ, anti-mosquitoes, non-toxic, and recyclable. With extensive R&D capabilities, King Tech is able to engineer and manufacture the best quality fabrics, serving the needs of customers in the sports, leisure, uniform and industrial fields.
  Hytrel® films/fabric laminates - Hytrel® is a DuPont registered trademark for its engineering thermoplastic elastomer. The polyether-ester block coplymers combine many of the most desirable characteristics of high performance elastomers and flexible plastics, and offer a unique combination of strength, elasticity, and flexibility, without the use of plasticizers. Very thin monolithic films of 0.001 inch or less can be extruded from Hytrel. Hytrel films are bonded to textiles for both disposal and reusable applications. End uses: applications include end uses requiring waterproof, breathable, and waterproof characteristics; outdoor apparel, operating room gowns, personal protective apparel, backpacks and bedding covers for allergy control.
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