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Lenzing Modal Color - Developed by Lenzing, the Austrian fiber producer, Lenzing Modal Color is colored Modal® fibers that are available in the spun-dyed shades of black, red, blue, brown, and beige. A wider range of shades can be achieved through cross-dyeing. Using solution dyed colors with the colored pigments permanently impregnated into the fiber, Lenzing reduces the amount of energy and water required by traditional piece or yarn dyeing processes. Lenzing Modal Color is also more colorfast.
  Lenzing Modal® - This high wet modulus fiber is particularly well suited to blends with cotton since both fibers have similar properties. In particular, the dyeing performance of Lenzing Modal® emulates that of cotton. Naturalness plays a key role in Lenzing Modal®. The fiber is made from beech wood, a natural raw material. The pulp used for fiber production is made by Lenzing to guarantee consistent and reliable quality. The natural softener makes Modal fabrics pleasant to the touch even after repeated washing. Hardening of the rayon fabric, which occurs as a result of limestone deposits and traces of detergent, becomes a thing of the past with Lenzing Modal®.
  LIFE Natural® - This trademarked odor control treatment, developed by Life Material Technologies, Ltd., uses peppermint oil as the active ingredient. Developed after years of research, Life Natural®’s unique, non-metal technology utilizes peppermint oils to replace the use of silver, zinc, copper and heavy metals in odor control treatments. Sourced from sustainable raw materials, Life Natural® can be easily applied to all fiber types (synthetics and cellulosic-based fabrics), as well as EVA foam. The treatment is natural, renewable, and sustainable.
  LIFE® - This trademarked antimicrobial treatment, developed by Life Material Technologies, Ltd., durably binds effective antimicrobial ingredients to textiles and leather. The treatment, which lasts through multiple launderings, is applied during the dyeing or finishing of textiles, and during the tanning process for leather. LIFE® additives can also be permanently incorporated into synthetic fibers during the extrusion stage. LIFE® surface finishes for textiles and leather can be applied to all types of fiber constructions and are compatible with most finishing agents, including flame retardant finishes and all resin systems and softeners normally used in textile finishing.
  Line 7 - Established in 1963, Line 7 made wet weather clothing for the sailing elite. Over time, Line 7 has used its marine knowledge to create casual, farming and work-wear clothing.
  LiteLok™ - 100% Nylon, but weighs 30% less than traditional 500D Nylon. This rip stop fabric has excellent break strength, high abrasion resistance, and a double layer design. Available in Coyote Brown and Black.
  Lorica IK9™ - Lorica IK9 is a 100% OPF (Oxidized PAN fiber) based technical interlock fabric. Lorica IK9 is a 9.5 oz. fabric, which combines extreme comfort with industry leading fire and electrical arc protection.
  Luxaire - A faux fur that truly rivals the original, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Lycra® - Lycra® is the spandex fiber produced by Invista. It is lightweight and soft, but stronger and more durable than rubber. Lycra can be stretched over 500% without breaking, and can be stretched repeatedly and still recover it's original length. It provides lightweight freedom of movement in men's, women's and children's apparel. Uses include athletic apparel, bathing suits, foundation garments, ski pants, slacks, tights, slacks, support and surgical hose.
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