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Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers

bliss colorsBLISS

Unbridled in its structure, texture comes to the forefront in BLISS as grainy textured aspects develop through to invigorating 3D relief and sensuous matte and lustrous surfaces. Intoxicating through touch, textured yarns feature in elevating the mood and delivering on a regular and erratic front, from micro through to macro effects. A silkier aspect is achieved in varying luster, from compact paper touch contrasting with bright tri-lobal aspects. BLISS is paradoxical, as compact and perfect structures with a luxurious touch work alongside disheveled and engineered textures.

The natural nuance of this trend leads to a connection on the sustainability front, with NILIT® ECOCARE recycled nylon 6.6 being an automatic association. On a more optical and tactual approach NILIT® PASTELLE creates a multicolored appeal combined with a natural feel incorporating the more delicate tones.

NILIT® SUPER MICROFIBER delivers the lightness this trend dictates, in a variety of lusters and a super soft feel. On a performance level look to NILIT® INNERGY FIR yarn with built-in mineral additive for wellbeing, while NILIT® BREEZE and NILIT® BODYFRESH delivering cooling and all-day comfort.

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