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Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers

euphoric colorsEUPHORIC

The ultimate in the activewear sector, to feel EUPHORIC you know you have achieved that goal, hitting that level where the adrenalin kicks in and spurs you on. The sense of euphoria is achieved through the inclusion of NILIT® performance yarns, enhancing the activity and protecting the wearer, from base layers in the form of active intimate apparel to second skin embracing bottoms and running tights through to outer layers.

Enhancing the experience is achieved through the inclusion of NILIT® INNERGY yarn through to the multi functional NILIT® AQUARIUS moisture management yarn with a cool touch and UV protection. CORDURA® delivers the exceptional strength and high tenacity to new generation armor-inspired activewear, a warrior like approach to activewear especially with precision zoning and teamed with NILIT® BODYFRESH for anti bacterial performance. On an optical level look to NILIT® DUOMIX for distinctive color mixes in bright and semi bright finishes with a compact surface. This is a synthetically charged and energized trend, bold and durable and essential for high level activities.

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