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Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers

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A feeling of freedom defines the mood as we look to activities that take us away from reality, from the humdrum of daily life. This is escapism, it is about pursuing activities that release us from the mundane, allowing us to achieve personal goals on land or in the sea. A unisex trend, the core functions are easily transferrable as a crossover of technology and know-how infiltrates new markets and delivers added value to the consumer. From running through to cross training, surfing through to fitness swimming, the need for core compression and added functions is key in achieving the final goal.

NILIT® INNERGY promoting wellbeing and increasing circulation with its FIR format and NILIT® BREEZE delivering a cooling effect combined with UV protection are key to this group in delivering high level performance for an array of activities. The inclusion of spandex/ elastane is essential for core stability in compression garments, with the focus on super chlorine resistant for the swimwear market.

NILIT® AQUARIUS is important for the moisture management, especially in the running market, which is seeing exceptional growth in the sale of running tights and vests. For the surfer influence look to NILIT® DUOMIX for its melange effects and cotton touch, aged slightly in appearance for that beat in look while NILIT® ARAFELLE works for the textured aspect of this trends.

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