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Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers

joy colorsJOY

Explosive in its use of color, JOY imbues a sense of 'joie de vivre' as a cheerful approach to life comes through. A mix of natural and synthetic aspects inspires, creating exhilarating looks that deliver a renewed sense of energy with a naive feel. From simplicity through to sophistication, the core of JOY is to make the most of what we have combined with a reminiscent approach to the past. Let's play with color, textures and inject a sense of fun in creating joyous collections.

With color key, the range of fashion yarns from NILIT® including COLORWISE, ARAFELLE and PASTELLE offer very visual results in the form of two and multicolored variations. NILIT® DUELLE , a specialty yarn made of NILIT® COLORWISE and NILIT® PASTELLE creates a unique heather effect for stripes, jacquard and graphic relief in a one- step dyeing process. The inclusion of SUPPLEX® adds to the luxurious level of this trend through natural cotton touch, while NILIT® BREEZE adds a higher level of functionality in the form of a cooling effect and UV protection as this trend enters the activewear market. This trend delivers on the demand for natural touch, comfort, color plus added performance.

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