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Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers

senere colorsSERENE

Feeling SERENE, a gentleness encompasses this trend as a need to step back from the frenzy of the daily routine. A sense of purity evades, this is a no frills trend, but it doesn't mean it is basic. It is a delicately detailed direction that embraces the wellbeing aspect in turn with a strong natural influene illustrated through fabric constructions.

Fabrics take on a soft approach, with matt and transparency coming through in featherweights for single or multi layered applications that incorporates soft drape. NILIT® SUPER MICROFIBER is the essential ingredient in creating this look, the finest ylon 6.6 that gives fabric a superb natural second-skin effect in a variety of lusters in streamlined or draped aspects.

NILIT® EVERSHEER takes this direction to a new level in hosiery, through the highly durable and silky smooth uniform touch for the finest of denies in skin tones from sun kissed to nude. A natural touch features through the inclusion of NILIT® SOFTEX in flat and extured yarns, again keeping it micro light for a delicate delivery, worked solely or teaming textured yarns with flat yarns or a contrasting textural touch in decorative relief through jacquards and a natural touch to semi-bright micro mesh fabrics. NILIT® BODYFRESH is essential throughout the trend in maintaining a level of body freshness for all day comfort through its antibacterial qualities.

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