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Innovation at ORSMUNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Arc'teryx Partners with UBC on Next Generation of Water - Oil Repellent Fabric. Fabrics are being fabricated without the use of PFCs, as the toxicity of PFCs can remain in the environment for hundreds of years.

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Harvard MaskHARVARD UNIVERSITY RESEARCH - Wearable Mask Technology utilizes "wearable freeze-dried cell-free" (wFDCF) fabrics integrated into masks or lab clothing that is capable of identifying pathathogens and toxins, including detecting SARS-COVID from a patient's breath.

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BiosyntheticsUNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME - SpydaSilk Research leads to commerciliation of Kraig Labs SpydaSilk. Until now scientists haven't been able to assemble spider silk's genetic proteins into a cost effective fiber with desired properties.

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BiosyntheticsYALE UNIVERSITY - Innovative Robotic Fibers Transform Fabrics into 3D Androids. - The fabric stiffens or softens depending on the temperature, and can be designed with a memory to change shape and return to its original shape.

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BiosyntheticsDREXEL UNIVERSITY - New Age Textile Shield Advanced research offers coated fabric with electromagnetic pollution protection. The project utilizes MXene, a conductive two-dimensional coating materialmdiscovered at Drexel in 2011.

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US' Barco Uniforms unveils new healthcare apparel Barco Unify With innovative fabrics and athleisure-inspired styles that are perfect for the workplace and beyond, Barco Unify seamlessly fuses fashion and function to meet the lifestyle needs of today’s modern medical professionals. Read more…

Germany's Freudenberg to present sustainable materials at Lineapelle Evolon eco-friendly microfibre reinforcement material for leather goods that is manufactured in Europe with no solvent and no chemical binder at the Lineapelle international trade show for the leather industry. Read more…

US' InventHelp develops PPE mask that covers entire head Along with added protection, the new PPE mask also ensures that the user has a fresh filtered air supply. The mask is expected to be suitable for individuals who wear PPE face masks for longer durations. Read more…

Natural dye solution for lace Noyon Lanka’s Planetones is a 100% natural dye solution for nylon lace that uses far less water and energy than synthetic dyes. Read more…

US' Alkegen to increase micro-fine glass fibre capacity Alkegen provides high performance materials used in advanced applications including filtration media, battery technologies, high temperature insulation and fire protection, has announced increasing its total micro-fine glass fibre (MFGF) manufacturing capacity by 30 per cent. Read more…

A smart “onesie” provides information on infants’ movement Researchers at the University of Helsinki have developed a smart jumpsuit or “onesie” that accurately measures the spontaneous and voluntary movement of infants from the age of five months. Read more…

Texon’s ProWeave technology plays striking role in Umbro’s new Velocita Alchemist football boots (9/23/22)

HeiQ launches HeiQ Allergen* Tech making home textiles sanitation easier and lasting (9/22/22)

Haartz partners with Green Theme Technologies to accelerate PFAS-free and waterless textile finishing in the USA (9/21/22)

Introducing New GORE-TEX Products with Innovative Expanded Polyethylene (ePE) Membrane for AW22 (9/21/22)

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