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Innovation at ORSMUNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Arc'teryx Partners with UBC on Next Generation of Water - Oil Repellent Fabric. Fabrics are being fabricated without the use of PFCs, as the toxicity of PFCs can remain in the environment for hundreds of years.

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Harvard MaskHARVARD UNIVERSITY RESEARCH - Wearable Mask Technology utilizes "wearable freeze-dried cell-free" (wFDCF) fabrics integrated into masks or lab clothing that is capable of identifying pathathogens and toxins, including detecting SARS-COVID from a patient's breath.

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BiosyntheticsUNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME - SpydaSilk Research leads to commerciliation of Kraig Labs SpydaSilk. Until now scientists haven't been able to assemble spider silk's genetic proteins into a cost effective fiber with desired properties.

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BiosyntheticsYALE UNIVERSITY - Innovative Robotic Fibers Transform Fabrics into 3D Androids. - The fabric stiffens or softens depending on the temperature, and can be designed with a memory to change shape and return to its original shape.

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BiosyntheticsDREXEL UNIVERSITY - New Age Textile Shield Advanced research offers coated fabric with electromagnetic pollution protection. The project utilizes MXene, a conductive two-dimensional coating materialmdiscovered at Drexel in 2011.

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UK's Carrington Textiles launches Spartan HT Flex Lite At a weight of 195 gsm, Spartan HT Flex Lite incorporates 2 per cent LYCRA and 37 per cent cotton in its composition for integrated stretch and outstanding wearer comfort. It features 61% Cordura military grade high tenacity nylon 6.6 for strength and durability Read more…

US' Swiss Precision launches StartEngine Crowdfunding campaign Swiss Precision offers investors opportunities to disrupt the medical scrub, uniform, and accessories markets with it's copper + natural patented materials, which kills or slows the spread of microorganisms. Read more…

Protecting Vinyl Upholstery with High-Performance PVDF Coatings To keep vinyl surfaces looking good and performing well for the long-term, product manufacturers are turning to VYNGUARD® Performance Coatings, a line of oven-cured, PVDF-based coatings from APV Engineered Coatings that performs well in industry-standard testing. Read more…

Recycled yarn challenges and solutions Spinning yarn blends of virgin and recycled fibers is a much bigger challenge than any other commonly used blend. Read more…

Sustainable medical textiles This segment of the industry faces unique challenges. Read more…

US' Taara introduces sustainable medical scrubs line The scrub line features Bluesign approved fabric made from recycled material that match the criteria of OEKO-TEX standards, and comes in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. Read more…

FUZE Biotech Becomes FUZE Technologies (6/1/23)

HeiQ transforms textiles with biobased technologies of today and revolutionary solutions for tomorrow at ITMA Milano 2023 (6/1/23)

Beaulieu Technical Textiles sets new benchmark for nursery groundcovers with RECOVER launch (6/1/23)

Nikwax, the Global Leader in PFAS-Free Aftercare, has Developed a Factory-Applied DWR for Synthetic Outdoor Fabrics (6/1/23)

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