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U.S. Textile Leaders Urge Industry to Raise Voices NOW for Sake of Industry's Future - If you're a producer or supplier to the US textile and apparel industry, you know the sector in recent months has found itself in crisis mode --again. This is a Call to Action.

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Unspun Tackles Sustainability Via On-Demand Apparel - unspun’s inaugural product was custom-fit on-demand denim, with jeans sized around a customer’s digital model made from body scans done with a phone app. .

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Activewear eliminates sweat with volcanic sand - Boulder, Colo.-based company 37.5® Technology has harnessed particles of volcanic minerals and activated carbon from coconuts to create thermoregulating fabrics used in athleisure wear.

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Anthropologie collaborates with Cotton Inc. denim recycling program - Anthropologie announced their collaboration with Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ program: an initiative at the forefront of denim recycling.

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Flexible device could monitor muscle injuries using nanomagnets - The stretchable, durable device converts muscle movement into electrical signals that can be transmitted to a smartphone app for personalized injury rehabilitation.

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High-performance perforated fabric Top Gun™ Vision is a perforated version of the award-winning Top Gun™ ultimate coated fabric. It blocks almost 92% of light. Read more…

Tough textile coatings VYNGUARD® Performance Coatings is a full line of custom-engineered lacquers for flexible woven and non-woven vinyl, textiles and fabrics. Read more…

Textile-based device delivers haptic feedback Researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas have created a wearable, textile-based device that transmits haptic feedback, reducing the need for external hardware. Read more…

3D-printed seaweed polymer cleans up wastewater pollutants Researchers at the University of California San Diego have created a living material that can help clean up pollutants in water, including textile dyes. Read more…

Toray celebrates upgrade to TORAYCA T1100 facility in Alabama The $15 million upgrade doubles the production capacity of the TORAYCA T1100 carbon fibre and adds critical redundancy to support the rising demand for defence applications. Read more…

Nanofilament breaks down dye in textile wastewater Researchers at Drexel University have found that a nanofilament made of titanium oxide can break down two widely used dye pollutants, rhodamine 6G and crystal violet. Read more…

Archroma introduces highly sustainable durable water repellent for outerwear and apparel fabrics that is softer and more durable (4/22/24)

RadiciGroup, a pioneer in physical and digital nylon traceability (4/22/24)

HeiQ unveils anti-odor technology for feather and down products (4/18/24)

Archroma and Cotton Incorporated reaffirm commitment to innovation for cotton circularity (4/17/24)

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