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New Fabrics and Coatings for the Outdoor Patio and Marine Markets at IFAI Expo '16

by Kathlyn Swantko

Durability and end-use application are two of the most important fabric and material considerations for manufacturers of quality products for the outdoor patio and marine markets. These products must be able to endure heavy use, long hours under the hot sun, and changeable weather conditions. New innovative products that meet these demands were showcased at IFAI Expo 2016.

The FabricLink Network features some of the new fabrics and materials for the outdoor patio and marine markets.


Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, makers of Sunbrella® fabrics, introduced two new fabrics into its Decorative Shade Collection at the 2016 Expo. The new jacquard fabrics, Avenues and Cirrus, focus on the growing desire for shade textiles that are equally matched in design and performance. Both Avenues and Cirrus feature the performance characteristics that Sunbrella® is known for–fade proof, easy care, and bleach cleanability.

"Our expanded decorative shade fabrics recognize the importance of shade design," explains Vince Hankins, industrial business manager for Glen Raven. "They give our customers more options to create extraordinary outdoor environments."

Herculite Products Inc., a leading innovator in high performance awning and marine fabrics, used IFAI Expo to announce the acquisition of Strataglass LLC, an industry leader in coated and non-coated, clear press-polished polyvinyl sheet products for over 20 years, and to promote the Strataglass™ product.

Strataglass™ is the preferred clear-choice for yacht
window applications.

Strataglass™is a press-polished scratch-resistant vinyl, which blocks 88% of the harmful spectrum of UV light. The product is designed for boat curtains, automotive windows, as well as tent and awning applications, where perfection of clarity and lack of distortion are important. Strataglass™ also has a protective coating that keeps the vinyl from turning yellow and becoming brittle over time. Another benefit is the scratch-resistant cing that maintains its new look for years. The near-perfect clarity of Strataglass™ allows for maximum vision in rain and shine.

VYNGUARD®, used here on patio furniture, is a full line of
custom-engineered finishes for flexible woven and non-woven
vinyl, textiles and fabrics.

APV Engineered Coatings showcased the extension if its VYNGUARD® line of premium high-performance coatings and finishes for specialty woven fabric and leather hide applications. The VYNGUARD® line, originally launched for use with non-woven and vinyl substrates, includes seven base chemistries that can be custom-formulated to meet each customer's exact specifications for the automotive, marine, outdoor building products, contract seating, and wall-covering industries. The custom-developed VYNGUARD® polycarbonate polymer now has improved abrasion resistance, improved surface tension for a softer and smoother finish, and additional UV inhibitors. VYNGUARD® also provides exceptional dirt shedding, fungi resistance, and stain resistance. The chemistries are available in solvent-based or water-based versions that provide an easy-to-apply clear, protective layer that can mitigate plasticizers from migrating through the surface.


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