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Nonwoven IDEA Show 2022 - Nonwoven Textiles for a Circular Economy

productsPART 1: Sustainable Fiber Solutions - Innovative products and equipment, and sustainable advancements in nonwoven fabrics were highlights of the 21st edition of IDEA Show, the world's preeminent event for nonwovens and engineered fabrics. The show, organized by INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, was co-located with the second FiltXPOâ„¢, North American's only exhibition and conference dedicated exclusively to filtration and separation. The combined events were held March 29-31 at the Miami Convention Center. IDEA Show 2022 offered the first opportunity since 2019 for approximately 5,000 textile executives and IDEA Show attendees to once again engage in face-to-face business meetings with global leaders from the nonwoven, engineered materials market.. Read the full article.

PART 2: Advancements in Nonwoven Textiles - One of the primary goals of the global textile industry is to make synthetic textile production and consumption more circular and sustainable for the future. Textile industry sustainability includes a number of factors, such as: greater use of natural fibers; reduced use of water and power in production; the reuse and recycling of existing products; control of microplastic emissions; and the improved collection and elimination of waste materials. . Read the full article.


FilterTextile-based filter could remove carbon dioxide Researchers found they could filter carbon dioxide from air and gas mixtures at promising rates using a proposed new textile-based filter that combines cotton fabric and an enzyme called carbonic anhydrase.

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FABRIC CONVERTS MOTION INTO ELECTRICITY A crucial component in the fabric is a polymer that, when pressed or squeezed, converts mechanical stress into electrical energy.

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Forest of ColorXERIANT'S RETACELL FLAME RETARDANT Xeriant, Inc., has completed the critical pre-certification testing of its eco-friendly Retacell flame retardant on synthetic fabrics.

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DREXEL UNIVERSITY - New Age Textile Shield Advanced research offers coated fabric with electromagnetic pollution protection. The project utilizes MXene, a conductive two-dimensional coating materialmdiscovered at Drexel.

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NEW YORK RESEARCHERS DEVELOP N95 MASKS THAT KILL VIRUSES ON CONTACT A new and improved version of N95 face masks has been developed by researchers from the New York-based Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, that boast of antiviral and antibacterial properties. Read more…

GERMANY'S BASF & FOUR COMPANIES JOIN HANDS FOR PET RECYCLING The European Green Deal requires all packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2030 – a regulation that is perceived as particularly challenging for multilayer packaging, since its layers first need to be separated before entering recycling streams. Read more…

US' RST UNVEILS DEMRON MULTI-THREAT PROTECTION GARMENT No other PPE garment on the market truly reduces exposure to gamma X and high energy beta ionizing radiation. Additionally, the garment is self-cooling and can be externally cooled without removing it. Read more…

US' LEAR UNVEILS 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT ABOUT RENEWABLE ENERGY US’ Lear Corporation, an automotive technology leader in seating and e-systems, has released its 2021 sustainability report, Read more…

Major support for smart textile R&D announced Government contracts, historically, have been a major source of funding for research and development in the advanced textiles world. Smart textile technology could be poised to take a giant step forward with a new program. Read more…

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