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The Textile Industry Fights COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has still not reached its peak, and conditions are expected to worsen in the weeks ahead. Many in the textile/apparel industries have already provided their assistance in fighting the impact of the virus. In the following list, the FabricLink Network recognizes and applauds the many ways textile/apparel companies are contributing to fight COVID-19.

If your company is not mentioned, please e-mail a brief description of what your company is doing to help, along with a link to the press release/story, and we will add your company name to the list.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions.



  • Top Value Fabrics has launched a resource page that will be regularly updated to keep you informed on fabric options, PPE construction templates, the CARES act, and industry news as it pertains to COVID-19. More info.

  • Concept III has announced their valued partners at Monterey Mills are producing reuseable protective facemasks for professional & personal use. More info

  • MMI Textiles shifts focus to PPE materials. More Info.

  • ALLIED Feather + Down taps its Bedding Division for mask production for frontline workers - Supplies Entire Staff and Residents of LA’s Union Rescue Mission. More Info.

  • Livinguard, a Swiss hygiene company, announced that its technology for disinfecting textiles has been shown, through scientific testing to destroy Human pathogens of all kinds upon contact, including Human coronavirus 229e. This protection is sustained through multiple uses and washes. More info.

  • Apex Mills introduces the Spacer Dome Pro, a better engineered face mask. It keeps the fabric away from the wearer's lips for greater comfort and allows the wearer to speak clearly and breathe easily. More info.

  • Milliken is producing personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used by healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID-19. More info.

  • Hanesbrands is producing cotton surgical masks at some of its factories to combat a national shortage of face masks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. More Info.

  • Parkdale Mills is working with companies like Hanesbrand, Fruit of the Loom, and six others to build a manufacturing supply chain for the masks. More info.

  • Beverly Knits is coordinating the production of up to 1.5 million masks per week, along with many small and medium size companies including: Clover Knits, Contempora Fabrics, Carolina Cotton Works, Southfork Finishing, National Safety Apparel, A Lava & Sons, Wells Hosiery, Jomel Industries, LA Corp., and Greenwood Mills. More Info.

  • Los Angeles Apparel is producing 300,000 masks and 50,000 hospital gowns per week. More Info.

  • Thomaston Mills to provide hospital bed sheets in response to the COVID-19 crisis. More Info.

  • Kontoor Brands, Inc., with two of the world's most iconic consumer brands, Wrangler® and Lee®, is producing approximately 50,000 Level 1 patient gowns and 10,000 disposable isolation gowns. More Info.

  • Phoenix Engineered Textiles is producing the elastic ear loop bands for face masks. More Info.

  • Nufabrx, formerly making medical knee sleeves and socks, is now making only medical masks. More Info.

  • Accel Lifestyle is using its exclusive, antibacterial Prema® fabric to manufacture the all new Accel Prema Anti-Bacterial Face Masks. More Info.

  • Shima Seiki Releases information for making two versions of knitted masks. More Info.

  • Gerber Technology creates PPE Task Force. More Info.

  • Devan offer antiviral solutions for textiles. More Info.

  • Burlington Medical Barrier Fabrics boosts production for COVID-19. More Info.

  • Standard Textile increases PPE production for medical workers. More Info.

  • Carhartt shifts U.S. production to support healthcare PPE. More Info.

  • Chargeurs, Noble Biomaterials partner on antimicrobial PPE. More info.

  • YKK partners with its customers to address COVID-19 challenge. More Info.

  • Detroit Sewn producing 300,000 masks for healthcare workers. More Info.

  • Bolger & O'Hearn designated as Essential Service during COVID-19 crisis. More Info.

  • NC State's Nonwoven Institutes ramps up production of mask filters and mask. More Info.

  • U.S. fashion industry mobilizes to supply PPE. More Info.

  • Valdese Weavers supplying fabric for medical masks. More Info.

  • Ministry of Supply develops 3D masks for frontline workers. More Info.

  • Drexel University filling critical need for PPE. More Info.

  • Under Armour making face masks for hospital workers. More Info.

  • Precision Textiles donates sterile mattress covers to NJ hospital. More Info.

  • WWD Article: What Brands Need to Know About Antimicrobial Fabrics and Textiles

If your company is not mentioned, please email a brief description of what your company is doing to help, along with a link to the press release/story, and we will add your company name to the list.
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