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Thermetrics - Instruments for Textile & Biophysical Testing
Viscont FR - comfort in flame retardant

Thermetrics (the new name for Measurement Technology NW) designs and manufactures a wide range of advanced test instruments for measuring and evaluating the thermal characteristics of textiles, garments, and dynamic thermal environments such as automobile, truck, and aircraft interiors. The company’s comprehensive line of thermal manikins, guarded hotplates, and flame test systems support all major test standards for measuring thermal insulation, thermal protection, and moisture permeability values.

Will I be comfortable? Will I stay protected? Will I meet the standards?
Thanks to innovative test equipment and software from Thermetrics, you’ll know.

Thermal Manikin Systems
Thermetrics thermal manikins are designed to simulate the human thermoregulatory system and can predict the thermal comfort of sport performance and cold weather apparel, uniforms, sleeping bags, protective clothing, climate control systems, and more.

  • ANDI is Thermetrics new 35-zone sweating thermal manikin that has been developed with the innovative features necessary for advanced thermal comfort research. Performance features exclusive to ANDI include Active Cooling and Dynamic Heat Flux Sensing (DHS). ANDI has the unrivaled ability to measure both positive and negative heat flux (heat loss and heat gain) and to respond to changing environmental conditions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
  • NEWTON sweating thermal manikin with ManikinPC physiological software, for garment and environment evaluation. Newton was developed using advanced CAD digital modeling and is constructed using a thermally conductive composite shell with embedded resistance wire heating and sensor wire elements.
  • NEMO immersible sweating thermal manikin system for marine survival gear evaluation is a 22-zone aluminum manikin with embedded heating and thermistor sensor elements. This completely waterproof, submersible, true-weight manikin is rated for immersion testing to depths of 10 feet (3 meters).
  • STAN seat test thermal manikin system was developed to evaluate the thermal comfort and moisture management of automobile seating.
  • THERMAL Hand/Foot/Head manikins provide the high-resolution detail needed to measure the thermal properties of gloves, footwear, and caps/helmets.
  • HVAC Automotive manikin features our popular "Newton" body form fitted with high-accuracy surface-mounted sensors to measure the heating and air conditioning flows within car/truck passenger cabins.
Newton Updated Newton Hyperschool Manikin Twins ANDI Manikin
Newton thermal manikin system. Newton at Nike Hyperschool event. HVAC Automotive Manikin ANDI sweating thermal manikin

Safety and Protection
Thermetrics thermal protection instruments evaluate a fabric’s ability to resist the transmission of heat to the wearer. This is accomplished by measuring the time elapsed for convective and/or radiant heat to penetrate through a test fabric or garment. Thermetrics provides a variety of flame and radiant test systems for characterizing the performance of FR fabrics, garments, and protective clothing ensembles.

  • BURNIE Flame Test Manikin characterizes the performance of garments or protective clothing in a simulated flash fire environment. The complete system includes manikin body form with modular burn chamber and burn prediction software.
  • TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) test device measures the rate at which convective and radiant heat penetrates a composite fabric and predicts the burn potential to human skin.
  • RPP (Radiant Protective Performance) test device measures the burn potential due to radiant heat exposure.
  • CCHR (Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance) test device evaluates the potential for skin burns that may be associated with a fabric’s conductive properties under compression.
  • SET (Stored Energy Test) device measures the amount of energy a fabric is capable of storing and transferring to the wearer under specific exposure conditions.
Flame Test Manikin HVAC Screen Burn Map
Burnie Flame Test Manikin in action. TPP test device. ThermDAC burn prediction map

Guarded Hotplate Systems
Quickly and accurately evaluate the thermal properties and moisture management characteristics of textiles in accordance with relevant ASTM, ISO, EN, and NFPA standards. Thermetrics SGHP, GHP, and DHS hotplate systems are available with or without an integrated climate control chamber.

  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate (SGHP, or “skin model”), two sizes
  • Dry Guarded Hotplate (GHP), two sizes
  • ST-2 Comfort Test System, two sizes
  • Dynamic Hotplate System (DHS)
  • Phase Change Material Tester
Newton Updated Integrated Chamber Integrated Chamber
SGHP sweating guarded hotplate (SGHP-10.5 and SGHP-8.2). Integrated steady-state chamber. Integrated steady-state chamber, door open


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