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HEIQ - Swiss Tech Inside

HeiQ creates some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile effects/finishes in today's market and enables brand partner differentiation through innovation/new technologies. HeiQ provides the following services:

  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Ingredient Branding
  • Testing
  • Legal Compliance
  • EHS/Sustainability
  • Distribution Network
  • Mill Recommendations
  • Technical Services
  • Trouble Shooting


HeiQ Fresh

HeiQ Fresh - Odor-control performance, providing effective odor-control with less or no silver.

  • Durable freshness/odor control
  • Addresses body-odors/environmental-odors/fabric-odors/ bacterial-derived-odors
  • Maintains performance up to 100 washings
  • Complies with EU BPR/EU REACH/US FIFRA/JP METI/CN IECSC/ TK BPR/bluesign approved/OEKO-TEX conformed
  • Maintains fabric breathability/hand
  • Applicable to all fiber types
  • End-use Applications
    • Activewear/casual wear/business wear
    • Home fabrics

HeiQ No Fuzz - Abrasion-resistance/reduced fuzzing/pilling.

  • Prolongs life-span of textiles
  • Reinforces yarn
  • Improves anti-pilling/abrasion-resistance
  • 100% performance up to 50 washings
  • Compliant with EU REACH/US TSCA/CA DSL/AU AICS/CN IECSC/ KR KECL/TW TCSI/ZDHC/most RSL regulations/bluesign approved/OEKO-TEX conformed
  • Applications to all fibers
    • spun yarns
    • natural/synthetic blends

HeiQ Real Silk - Short fiber-finishing, transferring silk characteristics/luxurious feel to other fabrics (polyamide/polyester/cotton/cotton blends).

  • Uses recycled silk sources as raw materials
  • Luxurious feel of silk
  • More cost-effective than 100% silk
HeiQ Smart Temp Hangtag

HeiQ Smart Temp - Thermoregulation triggered by body-heat, keeping the body cool/comfortable.

  • Activated by rising body temperature, and deactivated when cooling is complete
  • 100% cooling up to 40 washes
  • Independently tested as safe-for-skin
  • Complies with EU REACH/US TSCA/JP METI/CN IECSC/KR KECL/ ZDHC/most RSL regulations/bluesign approved/OEKO-TEX conformed
  • Applicable to fit natural/synthetic/blends
  • End-use Applications
    • Next-to-skin clothing
    • Hosiery
    • Home textiles (e.g. bed linens/mattress ticking)

HeiQ Eco Dry
HeiQ Eco Dry - Eco-friendly/durable water-repellant (DWR), provides protection against water/water-based stains.

  • High-performing/sustainable DWR
  • No fluorine/no PFOA/no PFOS/Formaldehyde-free
  • 100% DWR up to 50 washings
  • Complies with EU REACH/US TSCA/AU AICS/CN IECSC/KR KECL/ ZDHC/most RSL regulations/bluesign® approved/OEKO-TEX conformed
  • Preserves breathability/soft hand
  • Applicable to cellulosics/synthetics/blends
  • End-use Applications
    • Outdoor jackets/windbreakers/hiking pants
    • Footwear

HeiQ Glide - Friction-free movement.

  • Durable friction reduction
  • Complies with EU REACH/US TSCA/CA DSL/AU AICS/JP METI/CN IECSC/KR KECL/ZDHC/most RSL regulations/bluesign approved/OEKO-TEX conformed
  • Easy dress and undress
  • Soft hand
  • Increases resilience/durability
  • Applicable to natural/synthetic/blends
  • End-use Applications
    • Sportswear/activewear
    • Underwear/shapewear

HeiQ Sun Block - Stops harmful UVA/UVB rays by absorbing/reflecting rays before reaching the skin.

  • Up to standard rating of UPF 50+
  • Wash-resistant
  • Complies with EU REACH/US TSCA/ CA DSL/ CN IECSC/KR KECL/ ZDHC/most RSL regulations/bluesign approved/OEKO-TEX conformed
  • Applicable to cellulosics/polyester/polyamide

HeiQ Bug Guard - Effective/durable technology that repels mosquitoes/vectors.

  • Protects against disease-transmitting vectors (mosquitoes/ticks/spiders/fleas/midges/dust mites/bed bugs)
  • Durable up to 100 washings
  • EPA registered, compliant with EU REACH/EU BPR/ZDHC/most RSL regulations
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant
  • Tested by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (TPH)
  • Maintains hand/breathability
  • Applicable to all fibers, except 100% polypropylene
  • End-use Applications
    • Outdoor apparel/gear
    • Everyday clothing
    • Home Textiles (mattresses/bed sheets)

HeiQ Clean Tech - Eco-friendly technology offering time/water/energy savings of 30%-40%.

  • Cost Reduction of 30%
  • bluesign® approved/OEKO-TEX conformed
  • Performance polyester dyeing quality
  • End-use Applications
    • Enables fast polyester disperse-dyeing, and suitable for most standard polyester dyeing machines

HeiQ Reflex

HeiQ XReflex - Warmth with half the insulation.

  • Less bulk/same warmth/maximum breathability
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Saves up to 50% insulation, creating more packable garments
  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • Durable for more than 20 washings
  • Made from recycled materials
  • End-use Applications
    • Outdoor clothing (sports jackets/pants/skirts)
    • Lifestyle jackets/coats
    • Sleeping bags



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