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Rentex Mills | Connecting form with function
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Warp Knits, Circular Knits, Mesh Fabrics, Technology/Finishes, Laminates
Apparel, Sports Textiles, Home Furnishings, Safety & Protective, Industrial, UniformsTechnical Sports Textiles, (Outdoor, Snow Sports, Military, Safety & Protective, Team Sports), Medical, Swimwear/Aquatic, Uniforms, Casual Sportswear, Golf, Apparel, Filtration, Theatre, Flags/Banners, Agriculture
Abrasion Resistance
Chlorine Resistance
Oxygen Regulation
Moisture Management
UV Protection
High Visibility
Pill Resistance
Quick Drying

Odor Control
Stain Resistant
Wrinkle Resistant
Stretch, Lightweight
Wind Resistant

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Connecting “Form” with “Function” in Masterfully Innovative Ways

Founded in 1964, Rentex Mills, Inc. has established its reputation of being both creative and ingenious in not only surviving, but thriving within a difficult global environment. Far from "new" to the textilebusiness, Rentex was way ahead of its competition when the company moved into high performance/technical fabrics decades ago. However, as a Bluesign® approved mill, Rentex has never become complacent in its position as an industry leader. With its focus on the pulse of current trends in the marketplace, the company has invested over $4M in the last two years, which is directed towards new developmental interests. Since its "learning curve" has long since passed in developing the required high level of experience and creative thinking, this vertically integrated warp knit/circular knit company can now boast about successful technologies, which far surpass any North American company in the market today.

Rentex Mills' strength in the marketplace is its ability to work with customers who need products developed to suit their specific needs. The company's investment in R & D in both personnel and equipment is one of the key reasons why Rentex has survived the difficult transitions that has faced the North American textile industry over the past several years. Because of its medium-sized, yet diverse production unit, Rentex is able to develop highly technical and innovative fabrics without large minimum production orders typically required by other textile producers.

Features of Rentex Performance Fabrics

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chlorine Resistance
  • Oxygen Regulation
  • Sustainable/”Green”
  • Moisture Control
  • Microbial Control
  • Thermo Regulation
  • UV Protection

  • Flame Resistance
  • Precision Topical/Knitted Application Technologies
  • High Visibility

5856/5627- 5856- Heavy Weight Sport Mesh/ 5627- Polyester Spandex Abrasion Resistant- Both for high contact sports

5306- Polyester/Spandex light
weight grid pattern

Rentex Technical Market Categories
  • Miltary
  • Safety
  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Theatre
  • Aquatic
  • Filtration
  • Flags and Banners

6120-Polyester safety and
utility mesh

6026-Nylon/Spandex Raised Loop Brushed Medical for Laminating

5025- Polyester Carbon- Anti-static
and flame retardant lining

Rentex Apparel Market Categories
  • Cycle
  • Ski
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Swimming/Diving/Water Polo
  • Fishing
  • Gymnastics/Dance
  • Track & Field

4949- Polyester microfiber
waffle- Golf, Tennis

4205-Polyester Spandex Shell
face with brushed back- Cycle

Basketball warm-up garment made with Rentex knit fabric, style 4205W.

Rentex high Contact Abrasion Apparel  Categories
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Climbing/Hiking

  • Uniform
  • Team Sport

5856/5627- 5856-Heavy Weight Sport Mesh/ 6034- Polyester Air Mesh

5281-Polyester Microfiber Pique-
Team Sport Uniforms

4588-Polyester microfiber waffle
brushed- Uniforms

Volleyball garment made with
Rentex knit fabric, style 5627W.

With over 40 years experience in satisfying customer needs effectively through both ingenuity and quality, we invite you to contact us directly for more information:

Jay Derstenfeld ( )
Rentex Mills, Inc.
8650 Delmeade Rd.
Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada H4T 1L6



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