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OR SS2023 - New Advancements in Bio-Based Textile Materials
Singlex bio=based membrame
Nicola Craig Hora, Singtex Brand Mgr., Tom & Kathy Swantko, and Tony
Wang, VP Global Mktg, Singtex, showing Singtex's new bio-based

Both the textile industry and its consumers have become more aware of the significant environmental impact created during manufacturing and disposal of apparel and textile products. In response, the global apparel industry and the major fashion brands are incorporating sustainable strategies into their production supply chains to minimize the environmental impacts; lower water and energy use; and reduce carbon emissions and waste. The textile industry is also developing unique bio-chemistries, and transitioning into biomass production. These bio-based raw materials are constructed from monomer-/polymer-based, or through nanotechnologies derived from living matter, utilizing biomass production processes. Going forward, this will continue the move to a circular-based economy, rather than today's predominantly linear-based economy.

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