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Techtextil NA'17: Safety " Protective Product Trends by Kathlyn Swantko

Safety & Protective innovations and technologies continue to be driven by expanding technical requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) applications for first responders, medical, police and military personnel. Developing PPE to match the technical product specifications, and understanding the users' comfort needs are important criteria for those designing and manufacturing PPE.

Recent trends for the safety & protective market include an increased integration of hi-visibility yarns into work clothing; ergonomically designed gloves to enhance dexterity; clothing that offers coolness, enhanced comfort, and greater durability; incorporating nanotechnologies into the yarns to provide a lighter weight solution without the need for blending multiple yarns.

Manufacturers of safety & protective apparel are working to engineer products that are better and more appealing in style while providing safety for workers. The FabricLink Network found several innovative products at Techtextil Chicago that provide newness to this market.

Kyorene Gloves
DArmor Guys gloves made from Kyorene graphene-
based fibers.

KYORENE, New Material Technology, a Shanghai based company, has developed a graphene fiber, that is used in apparel, sportswear and underwear products. Armor Guys, a Los Angeles based glove maker, is one manufacturer that is currently using the Kyorene graphene fiber in its commercial product line. Since Kyorene is completely integrated into the high polymer materials under room temperature, special functions like antibacterial, ultraviolet-proof, anti-static and heat-preservation effects can be achieved. According to China's National Textile and Apparel Council, the success of Kyorene's graphene fiber development can help produce new textile materials that enhance China's competence in the international field.

At Techtextil Chicago, Kyorene and Armor Guys introduced the newest range of high performance Kyorene gloves, which are made from Kyorene's proprietary graphene-based special fibers. Lightweight, comfortable, soft, flexible, and extremely strong, Kyorene is the next generation material that has the potential to change and enhance the properties of hand-protection as it is known today. Armor Guys is a leading player in the introduction of Kyorene to the market for high-quality hand, arm and body protection. Going forward, it is expected that Kyorene's graphene will dramatically impact the safety and protection market. Learn more from the Kyorene product video taken at Techtextil Chicago (Link to video).

HEYtrax Kayak
Kayak made from HEYtrax spacer fabric
for highest dimensional stability in motion.

HEYtex® & BondCote technical textiles is a solution-driven company that introduced HEYtrax, its latest TEXINEERING® (fabric + engineering solutions). HEYtrax is a spacer fabric developed to deliver the highest dimensional stability in textiles. Through a proprietary weaving technology, the HEYtrax spacer fabric enables a defined amount of pile yarns to provide a high-strength and form-locked combination of fabric surfaces. This ensures the safe and stable connection between the layers, even at significant internal pressure.

Due to the closely crossed plain weave deviation, the surface requires less coating material for inflatable constructions, which means it is lighter than other comparable spacer textiles. Depending on the amount of filling used, either an extremely stable construction or one that is gradually adjustable in its rebound-force and resilience can be obtained.

Applications include flood control, bomb protection walls, temporary noise barriers, inflatable screens, boat flooring, health mattresses, jumping/sports mats, lifting bags, or stand-up paddleboards. Learn more from the HEYtrax product video taken at Techtextil Chicago (Link to video).

Vetex Seam Tape
Vetex composite coated tapes are waterproof, supple
and elastic for seamless next-to-skin comfort.

Vetex presented its OC2PUS® PU-coating for fabric, which is solvent-free, halogen-free and plasticizer-free, and can be applied on tapes and fabrics through an innovative 100% solvent-free process. The patented ecological coating technology can be applied on stretch fabrics, on non-elastic substrates, or can be produced as a traditional film or in a translucent form. OC2PUS® allows the production of high elastic seaming tapes and durable coated lightweight fabrics that support cut-and-sew technologies. The seaming tapes and coating technology are waterproof and provide comfort, abrasion-resistance, and durability to a variety of applications. Potential markets include: outdoor apparel, leisure and professional clothing; inflatables; medical applications for mattress protectors and surgical clothing; and offers luxury brands a way to boost their environmental responsibility. Learn more from the Vetex product video taken at Techtextil Chicago (Link to video).

Filspec Fireman Jacket
Fireman's jacket made from Filspec's
flame-resistant fiberglass filament
Firefil yarn.

Filspec Inc. showcased FireFil, a new spun composite technical yarn that offers triple protection against flames, cuts and tears. The innovative fiberglass core makes the yarn extremely strong, which allows textiles created from the yarn to exceed the highest safety standards demanded by the fire-resistant fabric industry.

Filspec's advanced Firefil spinning technology uses a highly flame-resistant fiberglass filament in the center of the yarn, which is woven to create the FireFil yarn. The outer layer of the yarn, made from a high performance textile fiber, is selected to render the composite yarn even more effective. Learn more from the FireFil product video taken at Techtextil Chicago (Link to video).

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