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PGA SHOW 2024 - PGA Show Offerings for Sustainable Performance Fabrics

Over 1,000 golf companies and 31,000+ golf industry attendees from 89 countries came together for the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.  The show is the longest running golf show and the largest marketplace for the latest golf technology, equipment, and apparel.  This year’s show included over 20 textile companies showcasing their latest textile innovations to enhance the golf experience, as well as for tennis and pickleball players.
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FabricLink Network Panels Kickoff The Textile Gateway

The FabricLink Network held two panel discussions at the recent Functional Fabric Fair in Portland to kickoff it’s Textile Gateway program. The Textile Gateway will serve as a catalyst to promote and nurture a collaborative relationship between the industry and textile schools and to also develop an industry outreach program for students at all levels.

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MIT dataset helps predict biodegradable polyesters - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used machine learning to analyze a library of 642 polyesters and polycarbonates and predict how they biodegrade, based on their chemical structure and results from tests using the bacteria P. lemoignei.

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The US is auditing chemicals that make your rain jacket waterproof. - Restrictions and full-out bans on the use of these chemicals are expected to follow the audit.

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New smart fibre can emit light, generate electricity: Journal Science The fibre itself enables wireless visual–digital interactions without the need for extra chips or batteries on textiles, the abstract of the paper in the journal said. Read more…

Smart fabrics testing and standards under development While specialized markets such as military, medical and sports are all in for smart fabric, the lack of standards and reliability, along with the expense of e-textiles, have proven hurdles to commercializations. Read more…

SailGP, Mover to make world's first plastic-free technical sportswear SailGP has partnered with Mover to create the world's first plastic-free technical sportswear, challenging the dominance of synthetic fibres in high-performance clothing. Read more…

NAIST researchers develop CNT yarn for wearable devices A research team has also been working on flexible wearable thermoelectric generators that produce electricity from body heat by sewing nanomaterial called carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into fabric. Read more…

This fabric recycling company was going to change fashion. Why did it suddenly go bankrupt? Renewcell created tech to turn old cotton clothing into pulp for new fabric. But shortly after opening its first large factory, it has already stopped operating. Read more…

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