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Hyosung Mipan Regen
Hyosung is restoring ocean health with its recycled MIPAN®
regen ocean nylon and regen ocean polyester.

As Outdoor Retailer celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022, the outdoor textile industry continues its commitment to sustainable-fashion as a global textile initiative. Sustainable fashion involves all stages of the product’s lifecycle from the selection and production of raw materials; manufacturing processes; dyeing/finishing; sewing/assembly; packaging/storing; transportation; and disposal. In its commitment to sustainability, textile manufacturers offer fibers, yarns, fabrics and component materials made in environmentally sustainable ways that incorporates the use of natural, biodegradable ingredient materials; the conservation of water/energy; the use of pre-consumer recycled materials; the reuse of post-consumer products; along with eco-friendly production practices.
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TurboDry® - Patented moisture transport technology that mimics nature
and moves moisture for faster evaporation.


USA Based Cool Comfort Technologies- The movement of heat, moisture, and air through a fabric are key factors impacting the comfort of clothing. Through various technologies, fabrics can keep the body cool, warm, or thermoregulate in response to changes in environmental conditions including the wearers body temperature and perspiration rate.

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Fabric ElectricityFABRIC CONVERTS MOTION INTO ELECTRICITY A crucial component in the fabric is a polymer that, when pressed or squeezed, converts mechanical stress into electrical energy.

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SpydaSilkUNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME - SpyydaSilk Research leads to commerciliation of Kraig Labs SpydaSilk. Until now scientists haven't been able to assemble spider silk's genetic proteins into a cost effective fiber with desired properties.

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The World's Fastest Shoes Promise to Increase Your Walking Speed by 250% The World's Fastest Shoes Promise to Increase Your Walking Speed by 250% Read more…

Belgium's Devan launches biobased allergen control tech The technology is based on encapsulated probiotics, which are natural microorganisms similar in kind to those that can be found in yoghurt, cheese, and other probiotic food. Read more…

US' Standard Fiber & Noble Biomaterials develop anti-microbial fabric Ionic+ mineral antimicrobial protects against the growth of microbes on soft surface materials. Applications include mattress textiles, pads, toppers, and encasements, basic bedding and towels for consumer and institutional markets,& DTC furniture brands. Read more…

Germany's Freudenberg offers tech textiles with 35% less CO2 emissions With a high share of recycled content, Evolon materials offer technical packaging textiles with a 35 per cent reduction in carbon footprint. Additional benefits include energy resource savings and lower water use. Read more…

Lubrizol displays SilSense for car seat covers at India's Auto Expo SilSense has low volatile organic compound (VOC) as it is produced through a cleaner, solvent-free process than other products currently used in the market for vegan synthetic leather. Read more…

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