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Technical Textile Trends: The Outdoor Industry Surviving COVID-19
Sorona Footwear

For the past year COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of daily life, including our ability to be outside. Even though vaccines are now available, it is expected things may not return to normalcy until the end of 2021. The need to shelter in-place, avoid crowds, and social distance has changed, not only how we work and recreate, but also how and where we shop. This has had an effect on the Outdoor Industry, including the purchasing of outdoor apparel and equipment. The decrease in family incomes, due to lost jobs or reduced working hours, along with the closure of malls and retail brick-and-mortar stores, has changed the amount of money spent across the board, and has accelerated online buying.
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TECHNICAL TEXTILE ARTICLES Innovation at ORSM2022 TRENDS: Take a look at some of the new innovations from the 2021 Outdoor Retailer Sumer Market, August 10 - 11, in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.
vestAPPAREL Eco-aware Swedish sportswear brand Houdini has a trick up its sleeve with edible clothing. The biodegradable garments were composted and turned into soil and fertilizer for growing vegetables. Read More.
Future FabricsTECHNICAL TEXTILES North Sails has established dominance in the world of sailmaking, and are now using that same dedication to innovation, smart design and passion to lifestyle clothing.Today'sNorth Sails is bring their lifestyle clothing to a global stage. Read More.
RICE UNIVERSITY SHOWS C NANOTUBES FIBRES CAN CONVERT HEAT INTO ENERGY Scientists have shown that invisibly small carbon nanotubes aligned as fibres and sewn into fabrics can act as a thermoelectric generator & convert heat from the sun or other sources into energy. These flexible generators could also be a way to make carbon ‘green’. Read more…

NETHERLANDS' TEIJIN ARAMID & OMP RACING MAKE PROTECTIVE RACING SUIT The suit contains just two layers, one less than most standard racing suits. This allows the wearer greater flexibility and a more tailored, comfortable fit. The suit is also up to 10 per cent lighter than the previous racing wear. Read more…

GLOUCESTERSHIRE UNIVERSITY TO TEST GRAPHENE-ENHANCED SPORTSWEAR The sportswear trials at the University of Gloucestershire are part of Versarien’s ongoing plan to commercialise graphene within the textiles industry through products that effectively harness graphene’s unique thermal and moisture management properties. Read more…

2021 State of the Industry - Industrial Fabrics Association International This research highlights findings from more than 300 members of the industrial fabrics community who shared information about their organizations. Read more…

Body-temp camouflage for soldiers shows promise Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a wearable technology that can hide a person from heat-detecting sensors, such as night vision goggles, adapting to temperature changes within minutes. Read more…

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