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OR Summer Show 2022

Sustainable Textiles

By Kathlyn Swantko

As Outdoor Retailer celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022, the outdoor textile industry continues its commitment to sustainable-fashion as a global textile initiative.  Sustainable fashion involves all stages of the product’s lifecycle from the selection and production of raw materials; manufacturing processes; dyeing/finishing; sewing/assembly; packaging/storing; transportation; and disposal.

In its commitment to sustainability, textile manufacturers offer fibers, yarns, fabrics and component materials made in environmentally sustainable ways that incorporates the use of natural, biodegradable ingredient materials; the conservation of water/energy; the use of pre-consumer recycled materials; the reuse of post-consumer products; along with eco-friendly production practices.  

The outdoor textile/apparel industries have been the leaders in embracing these sustainable objectives.  Below are a few of the fiber/textile manufacturers, exhibiting at OR Summer ’22, that have developed and incorporated unique products to achieve their ultimate sustainability goals.

Cordura ReCor
CORDURA®’s Re/Cor™ RN66 Fabric, using
yarns made from 100% reclaimed and recycled
pre-consumer waste materials.

CORDURA® , highlighted its Re/Cor™ RN66 Fabric, the company’s most recent durable fabric innovation, incorporated into its portfolio of CORDURA® Re/Cor™ Fabrics.  These high-quality CORDURA® re/cor™ yarns are made from 100% reclaimed and recycled pre-consumer waste materials.  The fiber is available in a range of deniers that provide CORDURA®’s well-known Fabric strength and durability. CORDURA® Re/Cor™ Fabric is designed for a variety of products that include apparel reinforcements, outerwear, bags and packs, luggage, equipment, accessories and footwear.   

CORDURA’s manufacturing partner, Mystery Ranch, also assisted CORDURA ® by showcasing the debut of the new CORDURA® Re/Cor™ RN66 Fabric in its backpacks at OR Summer ’22.  Urging the outdoor industry to “Expect More—Waste Less” makes it easy for consumers to understand how one ingredient, along with quality craftsmanship, can allow them to get maximum life from their gear and apparel.  CORDURA® Fabrics are built stronger to last longer, and need to be replaced less often, which means less waste.

Hyosung Mipan Regen
Hyosung is restoring ocean health with its recycled MIPAN®
regen ocean nylon and regen ocean polyester.

HYOSUNG’s Ocean Protective Initiative, is turning ocean trash into treasure with its Ocean Protection Initiative, which the company highlighted at Outdoor Retailer Summer 2022.  Hyosung’s MIPAN® regen ocean nylon and regen ocean polyester are made with ocean waste.  “Our ocean-based recycled fiber allows brands to develop eco-friendly products that align with our customers’ sustainability needs,” said Mike Simko, Hyosung Global Marketing Director-Textiles, “providing them with a meaningful story for consumers.”

MIPAN regen ocean is made from discarded 100% recycled nylon fishing nets and other reclaimed nylon waste.  Hyosung’s regen ocean 100% recycled polyester fiber is made from ocean plastic.  Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) MIPAN regen ocean will receive certification the first quarter of 2023. 

Hyosung also presented a broad assortment of fabrics and concept garments to help product developers/designers conceive garments made with its innovative yarns. These fibers include:  creora® regen - 100% recycled spandex; creora® bio-based - spandex made with 30% renewable resource; MIPAN regen robic - 100% recycled high-tenacity nylon; Xanadu - a mechanical-stretch fiber made from a blend of PET and corn-based materials; and regen xanadu made with a blend of recycled post-consumer PET and corn-based materials.

Polygience OdorCrunch
Polygiene®’s ODORCRUNCH™ technology. (Printed
caption also included on the image.)

POLYGIENE®’s mission is to change the way consumers view products---from fast consumables to durable products.  Polygiene wants to see a world with a “Wear More--Wash Less” mentality.  

Nick Brosnan, global marketing manager for Polygiene, says, “By skipping just one out of ten washes can lead to a reduction in total toxicity, can lower CO2 emissions, and can release fewer microplastics into the environment.  A garment that lives nine months longer can potentially save 16% CO2, 20% water, and 8% waste in its environmental footprint.”

At Outdoor Retailer Summer ’22, Polygiene featured three POLYGIENE® treated products that provide sustainability programs, providing a new and different way to achieve the company’s sustainable goal. 

  • POLYGIENE ODORCRUNCH™, is a natural silica (sand-based technology), modified with a unique catalyst that breaks down and eliminates the odor, keeping the product fresh and reducing the need to wash. The treatment consists of 95% filtered river water and 5% modified silica sand particles that can reduce the number of times a product needs to be washed, thus extending the life of a garment.
  • POLYGIENE STAYFRESH™, an odor control technology treatment that extends the useful life of a garment by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria up to 99.99%, for longer lasting apparel.
  • POLYGIENE BIOMASTER™, a silver ion-based anti-microbe technology, provides protection from bacteria, fungi, and molds by up to 99.99%.
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