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TITAS October 12 - 14, 2022

The Most Important Innovative Textile Exhibition in Asia

By Kathlyn Swantko


Exhibitors Hall
TITAS Exhibitors Hall

The 26th Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) will be back with an in-person show at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, from October 12 to 14, 2022. The showroom will have 400 exhibitors.  TITAS 2022 will again leverage the benefits of both an in-person show combined with an online virtual-themed event as a hybrid exhibition to demonstrate the advantages and the strength of the Taiwan Textile Industry.  TITAS is the major textile trade show held in Taiwan, and the most important innovative textile exhibition in Asia.

All TITAS exhibitors can participate in two channels of promotion
- Online:  Nearly One Full Year Exhibitor Product Promotion
- In-Person: 3 days, October 12-14, 2022

Online Meeting Zone
Nylon Neoprene Lamination Fabric:
Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. 100% nylon
double jersey for neoprene lamination.

TITAS Integrates 6 Digital Measures into the Physical In-Person Fair

  • Physical and virtual reality exhibition hall to increase buyer's tradeshow experience.
  • Physical and online one-on-one business meeting to boost business opportunity.
  • OMO* Trend Zone display featuring sustainable and innovative textiles.
  • OMO* Stage Event to increase exhibitors’ visibility.
  • Online catalogue and 5 Online shows for 24/7 marketing and product exposure.
  • Live streaming on selected exhibitors to keep up to date with the show highlights.

*Online Merge Offline

Five Digital Show Themes – The online component of TITAS will focus on five themes:  Sustainability; Functional Applications; Personal Protective Equipment; Smart Textiles; and Intelligent Manufacturing.  These can be accessed at:  and will stay online through April 2023.

Self-Sticky Fabric
Self-Sticky Fabrics: Aicare Worldwide Co., Ltd. Performs very
strong sticky power similar to Hook & & Loop fasteners, but
has a soft hand feel.

1. Sustainability – Launched July 18, 2022, shows the investments/actions that Taiwan’s textile industry has taken in sustainability, and focusing on two major categories:

Circular Economy: Textiles and accessories using pre-consumer or post-consumer materials such as recyclable, biomass, and biodegradable materials that comply with waste reduction and circular economy models.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction: Textiles and accessories using dope dyeing, waterless dyeing, low-temperature dyeing, cool transfer printing, etc. that conform to energy saving and carbon reduction production processes.

2. Functional Applications – Launched on June 1, 2022.  Taiwan's functional textiles account for nearly 70 per cent of the global market and have become the first choice for brands. The Functional Applications Online show will present selected products in the following categories:

Seminars Zone
Graphene Yarn: Four Elements Energy Bio-
technology Co. Ltd. Graphene/polyester filament
yarn has high strength, low resistivity, good
conductivity, is non-toxic, and is very safe.

Indoor Sports - Textiles with functions of moisture wicking and quick dry, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, high elasticity, etc., which are applied to yogawear, compression garments, training clothes and accessories.

Outdoor Sports - Textiles with functions of moisture vapor permeability & water proof, water repellent, thermal insulation, cooling technology, high abrasion resistance, ultraviolet protection, etc., which are applied to mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, camping, cycling, skiing, jogging and travel.

Water Sports - Textiles with functions of ultraviolet protective, cold protection, and reflective effects, etc., applied to swimwear, boardshorts, wetsuits, and life jackets.

3. Personal Protection Equipment – Launched on April 18, 2022, and has received a good response from buyers interested in developing personal or medical protective products with advanced textile technology.  Exhibits include textiles with antibacterial & antiviral function, medical masks & gloves, protective clothing, isolation gowns and other medical protective products. Textiles with high tenacity, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, high antifouling, high protection properties or protective products like life jackets, bulletproof vests, etc. are also included in this theme.

4. Smart Textiles – Will be launched soon, combining cloud computing and wireless-communication technology to provide detective capabilities

5. Intelligent Manufacturing – Will launch soon, adapting hi-tech automation systems and solutions to enhance production efficiency.


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