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A Bright Future Ahead

By Kathlyn Swantko


Messefranfurt will showcase advanced technologies associated with textile/apparel production at its upcoming biennial, co-located trade shows, Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas 2020, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 12 - 14, 2020. The fiber/yarn/textile industries continue to develop new technical products, and the use of robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in domestic apparel manufacturing have increased production speeds. These trailblazing developments continue to fuel the overall American textile/apparel industry.

In addition, up-to-date research being conducted in cutting-edge textile developments and automated/sewbot apparel production will be provided by two participating universities: Georgia Institute of Technology, as the Official Academic Partner for Techtextil North America; and the University of Georgia, as the Official Academic Partner for Texprocess Americas.

After years of research, the first sewing robot/sewbot was spun out of research at Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center in 2015. While still in its infancy, this technology uses the evolving technologies of AI machine vision, computer-driven cameras, and mapping differences for digitized imaging to spot and adjust for distortions in the fabric being sewn. Although initially only able to make adjustments in simple flat products, the technology has now advanced to making whole t-shirts and a nearly completed pair of jeans.

Techtextil North America 2020 and Texprocess Americas 2020 will highlight fabric innovation and other changes in textile and apparel production, which show the future for a new and even greater global textile/apparel industry. Come to Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas in Atlanta in May to see firsthand the latest innovations that will take our industry to the next level!







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