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TITAS October 17 - 19, 2023

Exciting, New, Innovative Products to be Introduced at TITAS 2023

By Kathlyn Swantko


Exhibitors Hall
TITAS Exhibitors Hall

Innovative products will be highlighted at TITAS 2023, to be held at the TAIPEI INNOVATIVE TEXTILE APPLICATION SHOW on October 17 – 19, 2023, in Hall 1 of Nangang Exhibition Center. This grand event will showcase the strength of Innovations and Functional Applications, as well as textile the research being conducted in Taiwan’s textile industry! Early pre-show online viewing for TITAS 2023 provided a virtual overview for many of these products.

Sustainability is a key focus for TITAS exhibitors, which involve fiber and bio-based products, pre-consumer recycled materials, and post-consumer recycled materials. Sustainable manufacturing materials will showcase solution-dyeing, low-liquor ratio dyeing, waterless dyeing, low-temperature dyeing, and/or solvent-free, cool-transfer printing.

Besides sustainability, the show will also highlight “Intelligent Manufacturing”. The display of textile machinery will include sewing equipment, digital printing machines, laboratory testing and measuring equipment, software and automation for design, data-monitoring, -processing, and -integrated production. Economy models, as well as sustainable manufacturing that conforms to energy-saving/carbon-reduction production processes. Below are some of the hot products to be featured by exhibitors at the show.

FOUR ELEMENTS ENERGY BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. – Graphene yarn, available in both filament & yarn/polyester. Graphene has the high strength, low resistivity, excellent conductivity; and nearly complete light transmission, which can be made to PVA and PET film. Graphene Qualities include: FIR/anti-bacterial; anti-UV/anti-static. The fiber can also be combined with resin and plastic as a functional conductive, thermal filler. Graphene textiles are non-toxic, non-allergic, and also have special electric current qualities for applications in healthcare.

Self-Sticky Fabric

AICARE WORLDWIDE CO., LTD. Jason Try Self-Sticky Fabrics (Original Patent Product), made of regular synthetic fibers like cotton that perform the sticky function like HOOK & LOOP fasteners. The full-range of sticky fabrics possess strong sticky power and soft hand, perform well for applications in medical, outdoor, sport, baby accessories and military markets.

YU HUEI SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CO - CLO 3D Enterprise Design & Runway software - This new era of CLO 3D simulation brings unprecedented detail and authenticity. The AI auto-stitch technology for model-size definition editing; automatic grading technology is established by tech PACK for 3D to 2D function, model stage catwalk simulation, and closet-cloud platform.

CREATIVE TECH TEXTILE CO., LTD - Sustainable Recycled Seawool Socks, are made of recycled polyester and oyster shells, which provides a comfortable wearing experience for the circular economy story. Crafted from discarded oyster shells and recycled polyester bottles, Seawool fabric features low conductivity, is antistatic, breathable, wicking with a woolen touch.

FRONTIER COOL INC. - Frontier Cool's TextileCloud® allows the entire value chain to digitize fabric using a standard flatbed scanner, while offering a collaborative workspace for collecting and sharing information. This proprietary AI, machine learning with image and text recognition technology transforms the 2D fabric image into a 4D-ready digital twin with physical properties. This scalable solution, 3D and 4D material digitization tasks, can be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively, with no outsourcing or training required.


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