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TITAS – Functional Fabrics and Sustainability


The Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) held a hybrid live/online show to successfully advance innovative textile market opportunities for its Taiwanese members.  Under the sponsorship of the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, TITAS closed with recognized accomplishment on October 15, 2020. 

The show featured 3 topics that highlighted products within the lifestyle and fashion markets that contained pioneering developments in sensory perception and aesthetics.  The important areas within these categories included applications for Personal Protection, Functional Products, and Sustainability.

Some of the companies with product advancements for these three markets include the following:

Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corporation (FCFC) introduced chitin-derived fibers and compound fibers with anti-bacterial, mildew-proof, deodorant qualities with proven anti-bacterial results, up to 90% effective.  In addition, the product’s organic and biodegradable properties are friendly to the environment.

Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) supported the supply chain with the company’s surgical facemasks containing its specialized sheath & core bi-component bonding FENC® Hycare Staple Fiber series.

Formosa Taffeta Co. Ltd. (FTC) introduced jackets and pants with NEGASTAT®, an antibacterial and antistatic treatment, developed to provide personal protection in response to the pandemic.

Fabric Display from TITAS 2019

Eclat Textile Co., Ltd. presented its refined Softform fabric, which offers three main innovative functions:  lightweight and permeability; flexibility and comfort; and thermo-regulation for cooler winter weather

Nan Ya Plastics Corp. (NPC) launched its new SAYA Recycled Polyester Filament fiber.  These oceanic filaments and recycled yarns are made by collecting overstocked greige goods and fabrics to target a circular economy.

Formosa Plastic Corp. featured its Tairyfil carbon fiber for a wide range of applications including:  sporting goods, wind turbine blades, cable cores, construction reinforcement, as well as for high-pressure gas cylinders in fuel-cell electric vehicles.

New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd. showcased Green Defense and Soft Cool Clean, its anti-bacterial and odor-control fabrics, made with silver ionic fibers for personal protection and circulation stimulation.

Yi Shin Textile introduced its new generation of Magic BES (Biodegradable Enhancement Solution) materials to expedite the biodegradable process of synthetic fiber waste or recycled products to avoid secondary pollution from recycled materials.

GrandeTex’s featured its signature RICH-y® dope dye yarn, which contains long-lasting antibacterial, odor-control, anti-UV and energy-saving properties, and minimizes energy waste during the dyeing process.

Singtex Industrial Co., Ltd. introduced SINGTEX® PROTECTOR and bio-based coffee membrane AIRMEM™-X, made with industrial waste and bio-based coffee oils, combines fashion and sustainability qualities for pandemic prevention applications.


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