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Here are some exciting innovations from the
2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market
July 23-26, 2017 in Denver, CO

eVent fabric - DVdry insulated

eVent® fabrics' new DVdry insulated for footwear
brings all-weather comfort to footwear with its new insulated laminate – DVdry insulated. It features eVent's acclaimed Direct Venting (DV) air permeable technology, which has billions of microscopic pores that instantly vent body heat and sweat through a 100% waterproof membrane. The four-layer laminate combines a 400- or 600- gram insulated layer with the eVent membrane to equip footwear with an unrivaled combination of warmth, breathable comfort and year-round, all-weather waterproof protection.
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Teflon EctoElite

Teflon EcoElite™ Delivers Superior Water Repellency Results.
Teflon EcoElite™ is the first-ever renewably sourced plant-based water repellent. This non-fluorinated fabric treatment is up to three times more durable than existing non-fluorinated repellents and maintains fabric breathability for greater comfort. Teflon EcoElite™ is recognized as a USDA-certified Biobased product – manufactured with 60% renewably sourced raw material. More info.

Polygiene - Stays Fresh logo

Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology makes your products Stay Fresh, and you can enjoy fresh-all-day confidence. You can also wear your products more and wash them less, saving you time, water and energy associated with washing.

POLYGIENE – SWEAT WITHOUT SWEATING IT! Based on natural silver salt made from 100% recycled silver, Polygiene is permanently applied to each product, helping you Stay Fresh and feel confident when you're working hard on the trail, in the backcountry or around town. More info.

Downlite Outdoor image

DownLite Outdoor logo

DownLite® - Comfort to the Core
With over 100 years of down processing experience, Downlite is a known leader when it comes to down traceability, transparency and environmental stewardship, and a trusted partner to many of the most recognizable apparel and retail brands in the outdoor industry. Downlite will introduce its new ClimaSMART™ Down Blend powered by 37.5® along with additional performance fills to include GRS certified re/charged™ down, planetWISE™ REPREVE®/down blend, Wool-Down HALO™ along with exciting and unique supply chain updates. More info.

DLT logo

Susterra® Propanediol Adds Bio-Based Performance to Footwear Applications
Susterra® propanediol delivers high performance in a variety of footwear applications, from TPU outsoles and waterproof films to synthetic leather and hot-melt adhesives. Made from renewably sourced materials and certified 100% bio-based, Susterra® propanediol offers improved low-temperature flexibility, softness and transparency and enhanced processing with shorter demolding times versus traditional polyols. More info.

coolvisions image
CoolVisions Logo

CoolVisions® - Metamorphosis...
What if a fiber could change your business? CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene enables easy processing and speed-to-market. Dyeability and inherent performance attributes offer textile manufacturers and brand partners the tools to differentiate themselves and transform their business, creating products that resonate with today's consumer. All-in-one performance… Lightweight, Moisture Management, Thermally Regulating, Breathable, Quick Drying, Low Carbon Footprint. Available in NEW filament, WoolVisions™, CoolVisions®+Cotton, Ultrafill™More info.

CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene fiber is a product of FiberVisions, owned by Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited

Cordura live durable logo

Cordura Logo

The CORDURA® brand is heading to Denver July 23-26 for Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, where we invite you to discover 360° of durable, sustainable color at booth #54037-UL as we showcase our latest solution-dyed CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber. You'll also experience innovative new fabrics from our valuable authorized mill partners like Cone Denim and MMI Textiles, and exciting new products made with CORDURA® fabric from our friends at Carhartt and Mountain Hardwear.
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Sensil Masterful
sensil logo

Fabrics of Sensil® premium Nylon 6.6 by NILIT are becoming the new standard for consumers seeking quality, style, durability, and longevity. With its soft touch, vibrant colors, and exceptional performance features, Sensil® is the first step in intelligent design for activewear, intimates, legwear, denim and other premium apparel. With Sensil®, the bar is now set to exceptional.
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Dupont 1938 image

Dupont Oval logo

DuPont has a long-standing reputation for innovation excellence in the apparel industry from the invention of nylon and elastane to DuPont™ Kevlar® and DuPont™ Sorona®. A key element for our success has been our ability to marry the latest scientific advances of the day with market insights to meet the changing needs of society. More info.

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