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2020 Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show

TITAS - A Model for Success

by Kathlyn Swantko

TITAS 2020 (Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show) organized by the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), was held in Taipei from October 13 – 15.  This was the 24th edition of TITAS that provides new opportunities for the Taiwan textile industry.  It is one of only a few live textile tradeshows during this COVID-19 year of 2020, which is a credit to Taiwan’s ability to manage the impact of the pandemic throughout the country.

TITAS 2020 drew about 32,000 visitors.

Due to travel restrictions and safety concerns the tradeshow incorporated both online and offline options to help exhibitors and attendees explore more features, including online catalogs, one-on-one virtual business meetings, and live-streaming videos.  The show organizers offered 16 exhibitors the opportunity to showcase innovative products by streaming these technologies online. The videos were well done and informative and can still be viewed.

The inaugural joint presentation, featuring both “Medical Protection Products” and “Taiwan’s High Performance and Functional Applications,” proved successful and generated a great deal of interest.  Going forward, these events have created a starting point for Taiwan’s textile supply chain to build on for driving future textile developments.

Sensil Denim
TITAS 2020 Design Center Display

By modifying production lines to produce protective textile products, many Taiwan suppliers created additional business prospects by offering innovative post pandemic-related products that provide not only personal protection, but other functional features and sustainable qualities that enhance the value of these fabrics.

TITAS touted 356 exhibitors from 11 countries and also invited more than 40 brands from 15 countries to participate in both physical and virtual one-on-one business meetings with about 100 exhibitors in over 800 booths. TFF indicated the 3-day event drew about 32,000 visitors, with the business potential estimated at $30 million US dollars.

eVent Waterproof
Monterey Mills
MMI Textiles
Chemours - Teflon
The Wool Bar
Wool Bar by Draper Knitting

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