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2020 Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show

TITAS - Advancements in Smart Textiles

by Kathlyn Swantko

Smart textiles are a specialty category of fabrics that combine innovative fibers with advanced technologies to provide the wearer with increased functionality.  This specialty category features advanced communication technology that is both fashionable and comfortable, and is changing the way we think about fabrics for both industrial purposes and everyday use. Smart fabrics can be made with conductive fibers/yarns, polymers, shape memory polymers, encapsulated phase change materials, and fiber optics, and electronic components. 

TITAS Collage
Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show held October 13 - 15, 2020.

TITAS is the only professional textile tradeshow in Taiwan, and the most important innovative textile exhibition in Asia that focuses on sustainability and functional textiles, in addition to smart textiles and smart manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing utilizes high-end technology production processes to automate cutting and sewing tasks, as well as using smart Internet applications, electronic business services, and mobile apps to improve overall efficiency.

TITAS 2020 provided exhibitors an opportunity to showcase advancements in innovative smart textiles and smart manufacturing. The FabricLink Network looks at several companies showcasing these advanced technologies.

FTC’s A+ Smart Thermoregulation Clothing combines textiles with telecommunication, electronics, and the garment industry.  The thermoregulation materials used in these garments can be monitored through mobile devices to regulate the thermal and light-emission features on the garments for safety signaling functions.

Tex-Ray has a past history of investing in smart garments for sports training, outdoor activities, and remote care applications.

iQmax® Wireless EMS Textiles offers a technology that combines fiber and electronics.  This wearable technology market uses smart textiles, garment finishing and components (i.e. pressure, temperature, touch panel features, etc.) to enhance personal protection, healthcare, and garment comfort to be more interactive and responsive for the wearer.

Oshima Co., Ltd. featured a competitive edge for Taiwan’s manufacturing technologies with its Smart Automatic Cutting Machine Series J3 and M8S to increase the capacity of protective garments from 2,700 to 16,200 pieces per day.

MEGASEW’s sewing machines are equipped with bright boards offering lights under the fabric, and hidden needle bar oil seal design.  These product features are eco-friendly, user-friendly, highly efficient, and aesthetically pleasant, and offer high-quality results for the major brands.



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