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Innovative Textile Products Transforming the Textile Industry

Signature DNA Fabric
Signature® T

Textile engineering is transforming the textile industry from innovative equipment, to smart fibers and fabrics, to surveillance technologies for monitoring intellectual properties. Machine designs have become increasingly more sophisticated and precise. Cutting-edge production machinery and high-tech fibers are enabling innovations in the manufacturing process, including the highly technical biomedical field, and DNA markers are being used to verify fabrics and components because of the growing pressure of fraudulent rip-offs. The FabricLink Network found a cross-section of such products and equipment that were showcased at IFAI Expo 2016.

APPLIED DNA SCIENCES highlighted traceability, transparency, and trust with its SigNature® T for Textiles, which adds identifiable "tags" that can be used for identification of source and properties. The company's patented and proprietary SigNature® T DNA tagging and authentication technology, and Techmer® PM, the leader in leader in high technology polyester, are stable and engineered to adhere tenaciously to textile substrates for both natural and synthetic fibers. In addition, Applied DNA sciences' On Site DNA systems, SigNify™ os, can be set up in multiple locations without the expense of a full laboratory DNA authentication system. These botanical-based taggants cannot be copied and survive standard textile treatment processes. Verifying where a product comes from, who made it, authentication of its properties are important to both retailers and consumers. SigNature® T DNA systems help to keep the supply chain pure, from pellet to finished product.

Up to now, manufacturers and retailers have been forced to rely on a paper trail, where documents themselves can be forged. In addition, exotic assays such as testing for electromagnetic signatures and RFI-enabled trace fibers are still experimental and untested stages. Visual inspection techniques such as measurement of fiber-length, burn tests, and other inspections provide results, but often do not provide conclusive evidence often needed in a court of law. Applied DNA Sciences provides botanical-DNA based security and authentication solutions and services that can help protect products, brands, entire supply chains, and intellectual property of companies, governments and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. DNA-based solutions can be used to identify, tag, track, and trace products to assure the authenticity, traceability and the quality of products.

Electro-YarnMARUBENI AMERICA CORPORATION introduced as the "world's first" conductive thread Electro-Yarn, a polyester multifilament, multi-walled carbon nanotube. Each individual filament of the multifilament yarn has been thoroughly coated with carbon nanotubes. The robust network of circuits allow for high conductivity to be maintained even after extreme expansions and contractions of the yarn. Electro-Yarn experiences very little change in electrical resistance, and the yarn durability is not compromised. Lighter in weight than metallic cable, the electrical resistance of Electro-Yarn is maintained throughout the entire length of the yarn, and the surface heating is exponentially faster than for that provided by metal wires, because of the larger surface area of the yarn versus metal wires.

LEISTER TECHNOLOGIES launched its SEAMTEK 900 AT welding machine at IFAI Expo 2016. The intelligent construction of the SEAMTEK 900 AT makes practically any welding application possible. It operates at temperatures from 248 to 1292 degrees F. and can weld seam widths from 0.3 to 2.5 inches. Its multi-arm system can be quickly set to a specific configuration for a range of applications. The large selection of driver wheels, nozzles, and guides provides maximum flexibility. The operation is designed for intuitive usage through a touchscreen that permits simple adjustments of the machine's welding parameters. The multi-arm system guarantees great flexibility, and can be quickly changed. In addition, the SEAMTEK 900 AT is easy and economical to operate, is quiet, durable, and requires low maintenance. The machine is ideal for welding outdoor apparel/gear, tents/tarps/cover, fabric buildings, and inflatables.

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