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Medical Nonwovens - Indispensable Vesility

Nonwovens can be designed according to the requirements of the finished application and are engineered to meet the specific needs within specific medical and surgical applications, they are known for delivering superior performance for specialized tasks. Because of their easily modifiable properties and excellent performance, nonwovens have become indispensable in the medical field.

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MEDICAL ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Take a look at some of the great innovations from the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, June 18 - 20 in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.
vestMEDICAL FABRICS Sustainable biomedical textiles for the future. Textiles are especially suitable for use on and in the human body. The body itself consists of many fibers too, including muscle, tendon and nerve fibers. Textiles can also be used to make copies of entire organs or parts of them. Read More.

vestMEDICAL FABRICS Weaving biological tissues. In developing the fabric, the biomedical engineers looked to the adaptive properties of plant and animal tissues. The long-term goal is to weave biological tissues that are like human body parts that reflect the biology, architecture and mechanical properties of the periosteum to replace failing joints. Read More.
NORTHSHORE'S SUPREMELITE ADULT DIAPER NOW HAS COLOURS This will help people feel good. Those with heavy incontinence often struggle with depression and anxiety. Read more…

ALEXIUM HAS EPA APPROVAL FOR SELLING ALEXIFLAM NF IN US Alexiflam NF is a patent pending flame retardant for treating cotton and cellulose-based textiles. The EPA approval provides Alexium with access to the largest market region for flame retardant cotton. Read more…

TORAY UNVEILS LATEST DISPOSABLE PROTECTIVE WEAR LIVMOA CL Today has developed a sterilized type of clothing for use in cleanrooms called Livmoa CL, the latest iteration of its Livmoa series of disposable protective wear. Read more…

PORCHER TO PRESENT LATEST TECHNOLOGIES Innovations include the latest thermoplastic 5G radome technology developed in cooperation with Meggitt, the award winning non-combustible Flamline fabric as well as a recycled ultra-lightweight fabric for the outdoor sports apparel market. Read more…

KELHEIM FIBRES WINS WORLD OF WIPES INNOVATION AWARD The award recognises the newly developed DanufilQR fibre, a positively charged viscose fibre that was specifically designed for use in disinfectant wipes. Read more…

ADVANSA DEVELOPS NEW MICROFIBRE FOR NONWOVENS INDUSTRY With a diameter of only 8 ?m, the new fibre known as AdvaStaple, is very soft, and suitable especially for hygiene products, medical textiles and filtration. Read more…

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